Clauses: Types of Subordinate Clauses

Clauses: Types of Subordinate Clauses

1. (A) Identify the sub-ordinate clause and state its name:

1. If you are unable to work well, you will be fired.
2. I will wait until the next bus comes.
3. Pay heed to what the teacher says.
4. The time, which is lost, is lost forever.
5. This is the house that Jack built.
6. What he said was interesting.
7. This is the place where the accident happened.
8. It is the freedom that we must protect.
9. Even though they enjoyed them he was not attached them.
10. He is the boy who broke the window.
11. Tell me where you have been.
12. This is the man whom I met yesterday.
13. Come in when I ring the bell.
14. The boy who found the wallet was rewarded.
15. If you don’t hurry, you can’t meet me.
16. I can’t understand what he says.
17. Do you know who she is?
18. The girl who has won the prize is my sister.
19. He asked why I was late.
20. He worked so hard that he made himself ill.
21. My belief is that he is innocent.
22. The snake that bit my dog was killed.
23. It is a mystery who can have stolen the watch. 24. That was what he said.
25. This is the man I met at the theatre.

B. Use the Sentence Linkers to rewrite a single sentence .

1. Why are you late? Tell me.
2. The police arrived. The mob dispersed.
3. He has an unpleasant duty. He has to do it.
4. The Chief Minister is going to visit our town. Tom says so.
5. You gave me a pen. It is a very good one.
6. He will deceive you. It is certain.
7. I have met a man. He knows your uncle.
8. He is intelligent. He does not work hard.
9. He sent me a book. This book was a best seller.
10. This was a bright night. We could see the things around.
11. He was poor. He was not greedy.
12. You are sad. Can you tell me the reason?
13. My mother advised me so. It did accordingly.
14. He is very old. He cannot walk.
15. I shall get the job. I hope so.
16. He bought a new car. Its cost was Rs. 1,20,000.
17. He lost his balance. He fell off the bicycle.
18. I went to the station. I wanted to see him off.
19. He felt tired. He put away his books.
20. He has a large family. He must provide for them.
21. I heard the noise. I woke up.
22. He will deceive you. It is certain.
23. He was sent to prison. He had stolen money.
24. Somebody called. I did not know him.
25. He is in many difficulties. He is cheerful.
26. I did not go. He did not call me.
27. He has not done the work. I want to know the reason.

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