Expansion of Ideas : 4 important steps

Expansion of Ideas

The following steps for expansion of ideas will enable students to expand any idea occur to their mind. Few ideas and their expansion given here will be of much help. Student should take this activity to improve English by practicing expansion of ideas. For the different ideas proverbs in English should be considered. Make a list of proverbs and choose some of them and practice expanding ideas.

Expansion of Ideas How to Expand

1) Analyze the idea in proverb and identify what you think are the key ideas.
2) Brainstorm some ways to expand on the key ideas in the proverb.
3) Choose one or two ideas to further, explore in greater depth.
4) Present your ideas and findings in a simple and persuasive manner.

Example – If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? is a quote of a great nature poet P. B. Shelley. The quote means spring, a symbol of life and joy follows the winter, a symbol of death. It is symbolic of life. As there is cycle of seasons in nature, the life is a web of sorrow and happiness. Pain is not permanent. It is followed by gain of happiness. It makes us optimistic. It gives rise to hopefulness.

    The poet was undergoing a bad patch in poetry. Good poetry wasn’t coming of his way. But he didn’t give in. He strongly believed in his strength. He was hopeful of good poetry soon. Everyone of us has tough times in life. We should remember that there will be a good time sooner or later. Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with cancer. He got treatment and came out with a new vigour to play cricket.

    Every cloud has silver lining.  One should have positive attitude towards life. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Morning follows night. There is light after darkness.

Expansion of Ideas – Eat to live not live to eat

‘Eat to live not live to eat’ is an idiom. It stands as an advice of doctor to obese. It is an advice for everyone of us in the age of fast food. Eat to live means eating for survival and to energize the body. Live to eat means taking interest only in food. It is giving more importance to the tongue and belly than to the whole body.

In the world of busy life schedule no one has much time to take care of health. One should not forget that ‘Health is Wealth’
Those who live to eat fall prey to innumerable diseases. To much eating or eating all the time gives a shelter to disease. In the school and college students eat fast food. Such food is tasty so they keep eating as if they live to eat. Parents also bring such food at home.

Nowadays going to restaurants for weekend, birthdays and anniversaries have become a status symbol. People are taking more interest in eating than jogging. They eat after morning walk; they eat before going to office; they eat during office hours and they eat while reaching home. After reaching they set out with family to eat. Their days are filled with eating and eating.

This practice is not healthy. So we should eat to fuel the body. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is a wise way to be healthy. The food we consume should have nutrients. Increase in diseases like obesity, cardiac arrest, blood pressure, sugar level, hypertension etc. is the effect of too much eating. To live a happy and healthy life we should remember the doctor’s advice
‘Eat to live not live to eat’.

Expansion of IdeasA bad workman blames his tools.

One who fails in his efforts /work gives excuses. He/she assumes other things responsible for the failure. Instead of taking responsibility of uncompleted work some people find fault with the equipment. They blame the equipment for the their failure. They do not accept their fault.
My friend was repairing a cell phone. He put all the efforts. After a while he handed the phone to the owner. The phone persisted the same problem. When the owner complained, he told him that the cell phone was outdated. It was beyond repair. He suggested to buy a new one. The owner went to another repair store and got his phone repaired.

Here it means that my friend had little knowledge of phone repairing and he could not repair it. But he blamed the cell phone itself.

On many occasions people consider them skilled and expert. In spite of their failure they blame on other or equipment. They blame always others for their unfinished work. It means such persons are bad workmen and they blame the tools they are using.

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  1. In very easy language and following the criteria, the ideas are expanded. Valuable notes for both students and teachers.

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