Unit Test Std 10 English

Unit Test std 10 English
Unit Test std 10 English

Unit Test Std 10 English

STD 10th

Subject-English                Time 1 Hrs. 

Que-1. Read the following passage and complete the activities. 02 Marks

A1. Complete the following sentences.

  1. The baby appeared ……..

II. The body of the baby langur was full of…….

III. The writer took the baby langur to……

IV. The narrator’s father provided ……..

The changed circumstances and the sudden unexpected attack from unknown quarters forced the langur to drop the baby from the sloping roof over the veranda. The baby was listless and appeared to be dead. As its body started to slide down, the excitement of the pack of dogs grew manifold at the prospect of a good skill and meal. Keeping the dogs at bay with a stick, I managed to catch hold of the baby langur’s tail just as it tipped over the edge of the tiled roof. The baby appeared inert and lifeless. It was indeed a male baby. By this time, my present and sister had come out onto the veranda and were witnessing my rescue operation. Some of our neighbors had also gathered in the distance.

     I took the baby langur to our backyard and gently laid him on the floor inside the poultry coop, his body was full of deep bite marks and scratched Blood was oozing from some of the wounds. The baby remained motionless. My father provided first aid to clean the wounds and stop the bleeding. I was relieved to find out that the baby was breathing, even though his breaths were shallow. 

      Splashes of cold water made the baby stir and after a few shaky attempts, he sat up. He was in a state of shock and started trembling like a leaf in the wind. His two little twinkling eyes welled up with tears and he started to sob with a muffled cry-just like a human child would after experiencing trauma. I offered him a peeled banana which he accepted with his unsteady hand and began taking hesitant bites.

A 2. Complete the following web   02 marks

Attempts done by

the narrator to save

the baby langur        02 Marks 

Unit Test Std 10 English

A3. Antonyms. 

Find out antonyms for the following from the passage.                                        02 Marks

1. Known x

II. Alive x

II. Bad x

IV. Female x

A4. Do as directed                             02 Marks

i) I offered him a peeled banana. (Rewrite the sentence beginning with He…)

ii) The baby appeared insert and lifeless (Rewrite the sentence using ‘not only…but also)

A5. Personal Response.   02 Marks

What you learn from the above passage.

Q2. Read the extract and complete the following activities.             05 marks

A1 . True or false.

State whether the following statements are true or false

i) The child demanded the moonlight from his father.

ii) The child wants to sow small moons of light from the city to his village.

iii) The route to the village is dangerous.”

iv) The child’s father returns home early,

O moon,

Give me moonlight,

Basketful or two baskets full,

With seeds of moonlight,

From city to my village,

On the side of the path

I want to sow many,

Small, small moons of light

The whole village goes to the city

Daily to work

It become  dark on its way back 

As my village is quite far.

The route is tough and full of

Snakes and scorpions.

Neither bus nor cart plies

A2. Pick out and write the lines from the poem that prove the following.                 02 Marks

1) Nearly everyone from the village goes to the city to work.

2) The village has the problem of transportation.

3) The road from the city to the village is not safe.

4) The Child’s father returns home late.

A3. Name the figure of speech in the following line.                                        01 Marks

I want to sow many 

Small, small moons of light.

Q.3 Translation.        05 Marks

A) Translate the following words into Marathi  01 Marks

i) Vision


B) Translate the following sentences into Marathi                                      02 Marks

i) Avoid outside food.

ii) Cut your coat according to your cloth.

C) Translate the following sentences into Marathi                                              02 Marks

१) आपल्या आरोग्याची काळजी घ्या.

२) झाडे लावा झाडे जगवा. 

Idioms and Phrases

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