6 Important Speech Writing Examples

Speech Writing
Speech Writing

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Speech Writing Examples

1.Speech Writing : World Literacy Day

Good evening, honourable dignitaries of the dais, the president of the function hon. Mr. B.B. Patil, hon. Principal,  Mahatma Gandhi College of Science, Gadchandur, respected teachers, dear friends,  Today the 8 th September is being celebrated as the World Literacy Day all over the world. As per the report of the global monitoring, it has been observed that one among every 5 men and two third women are illiterate. Hence, to increase the literacy rate World Literacy Day is celebrated. Isn’t literacy a basic need in this modern age? Literacy is a wide open door to knowledge . In an earlier era literacy was considered a privilege of upper classes and sin for the masses. With the efforts of revolutionary social workers, the closed windows and doors of knowledge, education, and literacy were flung open. Today we breathe democracy almost all over the world. Other forms of government in the world also opened the doors of education and literacy. The importance of literacy is far beyond the imagination. The spread of literacy among the women of the world is not at par. The awareness programs for this have to be organised. Celebrating World Literacy Day can be a part of it. The real celebration will be on that day when no woman is deprived of education. I have to conclude my speech here. Thanks for the availing opportunity of being part of this grand program.

2.Speech Writing : Students’ Day

Respected Principal, honourable teachers and dear students, I feel proud to speak on such a great occasion.  We are gathered here to celebrate  November 7 as ‘Students’ Day’, to mark Dr B R Ambedkar’s entry into school education 117 years back in 1900.  Babasaheb’s  enrollment in school was the dawn of a new era. It was because of the Constitution given by Dr Ambedkar to the nation that the values of freedom, equality, brotherhood and rule of law took roots in the society.Hence the enrolment of Dr B R Ambedkar as a student in the school is a landmark event and proves to be one that changed the course of our history. Dr Ambedkar was a life-long student and cultivated his interest to learn throughout his life. Friends,it is rightly said that every student is the future of the country and education is the only means for progress.The very purpose of observing this day as Students’ Day is  to make the students aware that hard work alone can ensure their progress.Dr Ambedkar enrolled as a student on November 7, 1900 at Pratapsingh High School in the state’s Satara district.He started his schooling in a hostile condition. He set an example for students how much,how far and how long one can study. He is an inspiration for all . Nothing can prevent me from studying. Should we give excuses for not preparing due to power failure? My dear colleagues, Babasaheb used to study sitting under the lamp post. Who doesn’t know this ? Being a student I am very much delighted to be a witness of Students’ Day celebration. I have to take leave of you as many other students are going to share their views. Thanks for listening to me peacefully.



Honourable  chairperson, chief guests, and the dignitaries as well as the most respected dear students .

      Friends, we commemorate so many special days such as Republic day, Independence day, World literacy day and so on . But well here is one day that deserves  not only commemoration but our total dedication — World Environment Day, 5 June .Today we are celebrating World Environment Day in our college. As students we all know the importance of the day. Every year on this day  we celebrate the programme in our college to create awareness  in the minds of  our friends , neighbours , our companions and those who live in our surroundings . 

 friends our mother earth has made our life worth living,  trees and plants provide us everything .Not only oxygen but also everything ,you name it and you will find its source in the nature .friends  we have learnt the poem ‘The felling of the banyan tree ‘.We learnt that how the devotees of materialism have ruined the beauty of the nature, they have not only ruined the beauty of the nature but also polluted the atmosphere of the world .I’m saying here ‘the world ‘ because they are many in number . In this poem we learnt fifty men chopped the trunk of the tree, through this we can measure the intensity  of their  destructive attitude , really it is a fearful thing no less horrible . And if it goes on ….. one day we will have to leave this world forever .

    Friends ,  think of our next generation . Today we say that had our ancestors paid heed to the family planning like programmes we would not have to face the problems we are facing today.   But whatever it may be , we have to set things straight . Today we all have to make a commitment to plant as many trees as we can. And let’s take care that they  are grown.

Make awareness about it .Mobilize people for this greater cause. Friends, it’s not the environment you will be protecting  … You are protecting your own life and the lives of your beloved ones.

  Thank you  …

Speech Writing : How to achieve success in life?

Honourable dignitaries on and off the dias, respected judges, curious audience , I would like to express my views on the  topic which is close to everyone’s heart i.e. ‘How to achieve success in life ‘ . It’s a pleasure to see such a huge audience here. I recall some lines here.

    “The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

    But I have promises to keep

    And miles to go before I sleep

   And miles to go before I sleep “

Friends, as you know there is no shortcut to success . To achieve success you need proper guidance. You should have a clear view of the success you want. So set the goal you want to achieve. Dedication towards the goal is an important factor. Nothing can be gained without it. In achieving success, planning plays a crucial role. Plan your work and execute it accordingly. Well planned  is half done. You need to read the successful stories to get inspired. Shouldn’t we follow successful people ? The most important thing to pursue the goal is knowledge and information without which the goal will be fruitless. Get the knowledge from all the sources. Collect essential information about the goal you have set.

Is there anything impossible? The word ‘impossible’ itself says I’m possible. Working with passion and confidence will gear you towards success. Remember, hard work is the key to success. In the journey of success on  many occasions, your have to sacrifice some petty things . Never give up attitude and perseverance are the two weapons to win success. Believe in your efforts, success will be yours. I would like to wind up speech. Thanks for the patience you have shown during my entire speech. I would like to say thanks to the organiser for organising the elocution  contest.

Thank you everyone. 

These different topics on speech Writing will help students to write their own speech and make their speech Writing skill efficient.

Expansion of Ideas

Speech Writing : Teacher’s Day ,5th September.

Good morning to one and all and my greetings to all my respected teachers. Honourable chairperson,the Principal of our college,Mr./Mrs ……….., respected teachers and my dear friends.Today is an auspicious occasion to honour and acknowledge the contributions and hard work of teachers who mould the students into the future citizens.Guru Pournima is also celebrated to express our gratitude towards our Gurus.
     Friends, Can you tell why 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day?Yes,it is celebrated throughout the country since the year 1962 on the birth anniversary of Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan,the second President of free India.He was born on 5th September 1888 at Tiruttani,in Tamil Nadu State.He was a great philosopher, educationist and a teacher by profession.When he became the second President of India,few of his students requested him to let them to celebrate his birthday on 5th September.On this request,he asked them to celebrate his birthday as Teacher’s Day and not just as birthday.Ever since this day is celebrated as Teacher’s Day every year.
      Our education begins at home. Mother is our prime teacher.As we grow and meet different people,we learn many things from them.Everyone around us teaches us something.Experiences and mistakes are also our great teachers.
     In olden times,there was Gurukul System of teaching where the students left their homes to stay with the sages in the forest for years. After completing the training,the students returned homes.Those  sages were worshipped and honoured by the students and their parents like God.Since then a teacher is placed next to God.That’s why it is said,

*Gurur Brahma,Gurur Vishnu,
Gurur Dev,Maheshwara.
Gurur Sakshat ,Parbramha.
Tasmai Sri Guruve Namaha.*

      It means Guru is the Lord himself.Gurus/ teachers are next to God.So,Gurus are worshipped on Guru Pournima.
    Teachers are our second parents because they take care of us as parents.They show us right path as the beacon light.They are like candles who spend their whole life in giving light to the students .They are always with us whenever we are in trouble whether it is academic or personal.They are the nation builders.They guide and shape the destiny of students.Teachers teach us to become better human beings.Sometimes , teachers scold us but there is their love and affection towards us behind their scolding.They scold us for our betterment.Teacher is the profession that creates all the professions like doctor,engineer, advocate, Chartered accountant and so on.
     Teachers like Dr Radhakrishnan ,Sane Guruji and Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam are some of the renowned names that have given meaning to the word in the world of teachers. In mythology we find many examples of Gurus and deciples such as Dronacharya and Eklavya, Sandipani and Shrikrishna etc. Eklavya is known as an ideal student.When Guru Dronacharya refused to teach archery to Eklavya because he was Shudra,(because Shudra was considered as the lowest category in the society at that time.) Eklavya built the mud idol /statue  of Dronacharya and practised archery before it and became the skilled archer equalled to Arjun.
On seeing the skill of Eklavya in archery,Guru Dronacharya  was astonished. He asked for Eklavya’s right thumb as Guru Dakshina because he didn’t want Eklavya to excel Arjun.And without thinking so much, Eklavya cut off his right thumb and put it at the feet of his Guru.It shows his reverence towards his Guru.Eklavya still continued to practise archery with the forefingers and middle fingers and remains as an example of an ideal student till today.We should also keep Eklavya as a role model before us and gain the knowledge.We should concentrate on our target like Eklavya.
   Today,we are living in the age of science and technology.We learn many things through various apps.We get vast knowledge through internet but as per my opinion, no one can replace the teachers because teachers not only give us knowledge but also shape our personality by teaching many moral lessons.Apart from academic,they stand by us at every step to guide ,motivate and inspire us to become good citizens.
   We are proud to say that we are being cultivated by the finest gardeners. We pray for their well beings and good health.I would like to express my gratitude towards all teachers for their selfless and dynamic support.We are always grateful to you.I conclude my speech by wishing you Happy Teacher’s Day

Thank you.

Speech By Vaishali Jane.
Principal ,
Ajabrao Wankhede Jr.College,Kohli .Tal.Kalmeshwar ,

Dist. Nagpur.

Speech Writing : Children’s Day

Draft of Speech Writing is by Vaishali Jane

A very good morning to everyone and happy children’s day to all my dear students. Honourable Chairperson,the Principal of our college Mrs Smita Chitade, my dear teachers and my dear students.Today,we have gathered here to celebrate the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.
Friends, is there anyone who doesn’t know Pt. Nehru and his achievements ? He was quiet popular among children. He is called as Chacha Nehru. Because of his love for children, the government celebrate his birthday as Children’s Day.Friends, Can you tell me why he always pinned the rose to his coat?Yes,he pinned the rose in memory of his wife Kamala Nehru who died in 1938 after a prolonged illness.
Well ,Pt.Nehru was born on 14th November 1889 in Allahabad.His father Pt.Motilal Nehru was a lawyer by occupation.His mother’s name was Swarup Rani.He was rich enough to get the best education.He received his early education at home under private tutors.Later on he was sent abroad for studies at the age of 15. In England he got his education from two universities ,namely Cambridge and Harrow.After getting the degree, he started his legal practice in Allahabad High court.He married to Smt. Kamala Devi at the age of 24. Friends,
Well,he was interested in politics. He was a man of peace but when he saw how the Britishers treated Indians,he decided to join the freedom movement.He shook hands with Mahatma Gandhi,the father of the nation and joined the non -cooperation movement. During the freedom struggle,he faced many challenges.He was imprisoned numerous times.When he was in Almora jail,he completed his autobiography named Towards Freedom on 14th February 1935.He also wrote the book entitled Discovery Of India .He wrote 30 letters to his daughter,Indira Gandhi.All those letters were printed as a book under the title Letters From A Father To His Daughter Friends,it shows that he was a great writer.
He was presided over the historic session at Lahore (Now it is in Pakistan) where he proclaimed complete Independence as India’s goal.After becoming the first Prime Minister of India,he had played a significant role in the establishment of modern India.He developed his Panchsheel Tatwe from Buddist thoughts.He based India’s Foreign Policy on these five priciples.
Friends,on seeing the work of Pt Nehru,we come to know that he was a man of extraordinary vision.He was a great leader, politician,writer,orator,and freedom fighter.He is known as an Architect of India.He always worked hard for day and night for the betterment of the country and its people.Most noteworthy,he gave the slogan Aram Haram Hai which simply means Rest Is Not Best.
We should also keep this slogan in our mind and work hard for achieving our goals and serve the motherland like him. You,Childern are tomorrow’s future of the nation.You have hidden talent and creativity. Rastrasant Tukodoji Maharaj says ,”या कोवळ्या कळ्यामाजी | लपले ज्ञानेश्वर, रवींद्र, शिवाजी | विकसता प्रगटील समाजी | शेकडो महापुरुष |” It means many great personalities are hidden inside you, children.Only you need proper guidance and nourishment.Friends, I hope you understand the importance of this day very well.So,follow the principles of such great leader and develop yourselves as well as do something great for the betterment of our motherland.
I conclude the speech by paying my humble tribute to this great son of India.
Thank you for listening my speech patiently.
Jai Hind!

Unity in Diversity


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