Personal Response Type Questions

Personal Response Type Questions
Personal Response Type Questions

Personal Response Type Questions

Personal Response Type Questions aims at application of knowledge. Read the text, gather the information and get the knowledge. After getting the knowledge one needs to apply it.

Here students should express themselves with proper positive attitude. Personal response questions require you to express your thoughts, opinions, or experiences. Start by understanding the question and organizing your thoughts. Be genuine, provide specific examples when possible, and express your perspective clearly. Keep your responses concise but meaningful, and don’t hesitate to share personal insights that relate to the question. It’s an opportunity to showcase your individual perspective and connect with others on a more personal level.

Here are some examples of Personal response type questions.

1. Describe the surroundings of your house in four to five sentences.
Ans: My house is located in the the dense area of town. The area is a little bit green as every house has a tree. The roads are narrow. Cleanliness is regularly maintained. There is a small playground near my house.

2. Which sounds disturb you while you study?
Ans: The sounds of vehicles running on the road affects my study. Loud sounds of a neighboring TV also disturb me while studying.

3. Do you like terrible customs of killing male baby langur in the groups of langurs? Why?
Ans : I do not like such terrible customs of killing male baby langur in the groups of langurs. Cruelty by anyone is not good. I am afraid of seeing such cruelty.

4. Is it a part of our duty to protect animals and birds? Why?
Ans : Yes, it is a part of our duty to protect animals and birds. They are the part of our world. Many species of birds and animals are on the verge of extinct.

5. What do you think mother langur conveys the narrator?
Ans: I think mother langur conveys thanks for saving her baby from the clutches of male langur.

6. When do you get annoyed? How do you react then?
Ans: I get annoyed when my parents scold me for not behaving like my elder brother. I am very much upset and do nothing. I like to be different.

7. How will you support your friend who is suffering from a deadly disease?
Ans: I will support my friend with positive attitude. I assure him that he will get well soon. I will assist his parents in hospital.

8. Has anybody changed the way of your thinking and behavior? Narrate your experience.
Ans: Yes, my way of thinking and behavior has been changed. I get annoyed with my parents. One day I trying to ride a bicycle. I fell down and my brother ran towards me and helped me get up. Without a word of anger he helped me to learn the bicycle. It made me feel that I should be like my brother.

9. Decide whether the above text is an essay, a story, a news or a speech. What make you think so?

10. How will you feel if you are the weakest in your family?
Ans: I will feel sad and nervous. I will try cope up with weakness. I will try to be as strong as my brother.

11. Describe your favorite sportswoman in 4-5 sentences.
Ans: Hima Das is my favorite sportswoman.Her nickname is the Dhing Express She is an Indian sprinter from the state of Assam. She holds the current Indian national record in 400 metres with a timing of 50.79 s.

12. Describe any historical structure you have visited.
Ans: I have visited The Gateway of India which is an arch monument. It was built during the 20th century in Mumbai.The monument was erected to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India.

13. Trekking is an adventurous sports. Explain
Ans: Trekking (climbing the mountain) is an adventurous sports. Climbing the mountain is not a child’s play. One needs strength, vigour and a big heart.

14. Describe any fort built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
Ans:Raigad Fort in Mahad region of Maharashtra was built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The hill fort is located in the Sahyadri mountain range and was the capital of the Maratha Empire.

15. Write a note on ‘Polio Vaccination Drive in India’ in your own words.
Ans:Children of less than five years are given polio drops. It is a part of the drive of polio eradication from the country. Oral drops are administered at the same time all over India.

16. Suggest some ways to save water.
Ans : Water is life. So it should be saved.Turn off the tap after the use. Get water as much as you drink. Use waste water for the plants.

17. Why should we respect old people in the society?
Ans: We should respect old people in the society. They are like our parents. They are our informal teachers. They are our guards.

18. Should women enter into a male dominated profession? Why?
Ans: Yes, women should enter into a male dominated profession also. They are given equal status by the law. They are not weaker as considered. It enhances their confidence to work in any field.

19. Explain the role of friends in our life.
Ans : Friends play a great role in our life. Friends help us in our difficult times. They are ever ready to share our joys and sorrows. They make us laugh. Friends are forever. Friendship is a unique relationship.

20. Mobile (cellphone) is a boon or curse. Justify
Ans : As it is rightly said every coin has two sides. Mobile (cellphone)can not be an exception to this. It depends upon the user. There are multiple uses of mobile. It works as a torch, radio, T.V. , book, messenger and a device of communication. It is really helpful as it entertains, informs, and educates. It is a boon as we consider these facts. But it becomes a curse when we are glued to it. Excessive use of it makes us lazy. It deprives us from many other good habits like playing, reading and discussing.

Some More Questions Personal Response Type Questions

Study Grammar Gerund and Infinitive

1. We need to understand even the smallest details of the business in order to succeed.
Write your views.

Ans. Understanding the smallest details of a business is crucial for success as it allows for informed decisions, effective problem-solving, and adaptability to changing circumstances.

2. What if- ‘Discourtesy is a legal offence?’ Write your response in about 30 words.

Ans. If discourtesy were a legal offense, it could foster a more respectful and civil society, encouraging positive interactions and discouraging rude behavior through legal consequences.

3.. If a person tries to damage the public property, how you will react in such a situation.
(write your response in 3/ 4 lines)

Ans. In the case of someone attempting to damage public property, it’s essential to prioritize safety. I will report the incident to authorities, ensuring the appropriate response to protect public assets and maintain order.

4. We tend to refer to certain features of the product or services before orders. Give .
reasons for such conduct.

Ans. Referring to product or service features before orders is common to ensure they meet specific needs, ensuring satisfaction and avoiding potential issues. It’s a proactive approach for informed decision-making.

5. We need a punch to push ourselves forward. Share your experience.

Ans. Personal growth often requires a push. Embracing challenges and pushing beyond comfort zones is vital for progress, leading to valuable experiences and achievements.

6. Describe in your own words the steps or measures that you would take to solve the
problems of weavers.

Ans. To solve weavers’ problems, implementing support programs, providing training, and connecting them with market opportunities can enhance their skills and economic prospects.

7. If you were Abbot of that era, what would you do to make the ship safe from crashing at
Inchcape rock.

Ans. As Abbot, preventing the ship from crashing at Inchcape rock involves strategic navigation I would set up warning systems, and possibly cut the dangerous rock or erect pillars to ensure safe passage for ships.

8. How does your ‘good deeds’ help others to rejoice?

Ans. Good deeds create a ripple effect, spreading positivity and inspiring joy in others. Acts of kindness contribute to a harmonious and compassionate society.

9. Can we live without money’ write your view’s about this statement.

Ans. Living without money is challenging but not impossible. It requires a shift in lifestyle, emphasizing self-sufficiency, community support, and alternative forms of exchange to meet basic needs.

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