Grammar Exercise Class 9

Grammar Exercise

Grammar Exercise

Q3) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each sentence. (8)

(2) “If you need help, contact the travel agent.” I advised the tourists (Begin: The tourists )

The tourist was advised by me to contact the travel agent if he needed help.

(3) Both Arun and I walked out of the meeting (Begin: Arun walked out.)

Arun walked out of the meeting and I followed him.

(4) My cousin is short, yet he is a good basketball player.( Use: Inspite of)

Inspite of being short, my cousin is a good basketball player.

(5) The government will raise the oil prices soon (Begin: The oil prices )

The oil prices will be raised soon by the government.

(6) She can only, go for the picnic if she gets better. (Use: Unless
Unless she gets better, she can not go for the picnic.

(7) Didn’t I meet you in the school yesterday? (End: didn’t I)
I meet you in the school yesterday, didn’t I ?

(8) He said, “I have not done that.” (Begin: He denied_)

He denied that he had done that. / He denied having done that.

1) We did not like their behavior .{affirmative sentence}.

Ans: We disliked their behaviour.

2) I knock him down.{ Chang the voice} Ans : He is knocked down by me.

3)They have developed strategies to get them.
{ Simple present tense form}. Ans : They develop strategies to get them.

4) “Is my son doing well?”,father asked the teacher.{ Indirect narration}. Ans: Father asked the teacher if his son was doing well.

A5. Language study: (2)

(1) I pay tribute to a particular member of that class.

Tribute is paid by me to a particular member of that class.

(2) I couldn’t pay the fare.

(Use ‘be able to’ and rewrite)
I was not able to pay the fare
A6. Vocabulary:. (2)

Complete the sentences using suitable words from the given list of words in the bracket.

(Intend, aggressive, existence, stray, necessity, inconvenience)

(1) Sudden closure of the road created a lot of…………… the pedestrians. (inconvenience)

(2) In this modern world of science and technology many people disbelieve in the ………….. of God. (existence)

(3) Next year my friend …………. to buy an Apple IPad. (intend)
(4) Some business minded people feel …………. marketing is one of the best method of selling their products. (aggressive)

(B) Non-Textual Grammar. (2)

(1) The quiz master said, “When did Quit India Movement take place?”

(Given below are four options find out correct indirect speech of the given sentence and rewrite it.)

(a) The quiz master said that when Quit India Movement had taken place.

(b) The quiz master asked that when Quit India Movement had taken place.

(c) The quiz master asked when Quit India Movement had taken place.

(d) The quiz master asked when was Quit India Movement taken place.

Ans : (d) The quiz master asked when was Quit India Movement taken place.

(2) Spot the error and rewrite the sentence.

(i) She is more shorter than her brother.
She is shorter than her brother.

He denied having done anything.

Grammar/ Do as directed

l .  Complete the following sentences using the correct Infinitive or gerund forms of the verbs in brackets and rewrite them. You may also need to add a
preposition in some sentences

A. For some people ‘success’ just means . . a lot of
money. (earn )

 B.  Have you remembered………your medicine today? (take)

C.  I accused him ……..the situation.(exaggerate)

 D. His doctor advised him….. .more exercise. (get)

2. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate infinitive forms from the verbs given: (study, go, use, postpone, arrive, )

  i) I’ll tell you when . . the platform.
 ii) Will you please tell me how…….the camera?
 iii) The teacher taught us how…….with the experiment.
iv) The principal decided ……. the meeting

3. Do as directed : Complete the following sentences choosing the correct alternatives from those given In brackets:

i) The teacher punished him. ..(to come late, for coming late)
ii) I avoided ………….him. (meeting, to meet)
ill)  I regret… those nasty words (to say. saying)

iv)  He assisted me…. ….the accounts (in checking, to check)

 4 Supply ‘if or ‘unless’ in the following sentences.

 i) Nobody gets anything.. .they ask for it.
ii)…… don’t ring the bell, the servant won’t come
iii) …… .you do that I shall be very pleased.
iv) There can be no new growth…. ..the ground is cleared.

5. Correct the following incorrect sentences using the appropriate prepositions:
i) He was prevented to come.
ii) He walked ten miles by foot.
iii)I shall inform them this.
iv)  He wrote me.

6. Grammar Lesson. Combine each pair of sentences Into one simple sentence.
i) The king was happy. He saw the people dancing.
ii) They came to a country. It was uncivilized and barbarian.

7. Choose the correct alternative which expresses the Past Perfect tense form of the given sentence: We will examine this theory in detail.
i) We will have examined this theory in detail.
 ii) We had examined this theory in detail.
iii) We examined this theory in detail.
iv) We examine this theory in detail.

8. Choose the correct alternative which is the Passive Voice form of the given sentence, The government will implement the report.

i) The government will have implemented the report.
ii) The report was implemented by the government.
iii)The report will be implemented by the government.
iv ) The report is being implemented by the government.

9. Match the sentences under column ‘A” with their corresponding language functions in column B

 Column A                                                                                    Column B
i) Could I ask you a few questions?                                              1. advice 

ii) She can dance well.                                                                2. compulsion
iii)  You should follow traffic rules.                                               3. request                                            
iv)  We must respect our elders.                                                  4. ability

10. Do as directed. Identify the verbs and state their tense forms in the following sentences:
i) We are trying to create a more democratic society.
ii) The mother had been living with her daughter.

11. Read the following sentences and state whether they are grammatically correct or incorrect
  i)The teacher said that the sun rose in the east.
ii) She asked me where I was going   

iii)  He advised his friends that not to indulge in bad activities.
iv)  They exclaimed with joy that they had won the match.

Activity Based Grammar
12. Identify the main clause and state the kind of subordinate clause in the following sentence:

I still remember the time when I graduated.

13. Insert the articles wherever necessary in the following sentence:
Now I must acknowledge first miracle of sunny day and write few lines glorifying sun.

Grammar Exercise 

Common Errors

1(B) Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions:–

(i) My sister is afraid _____ dogs. of
(ii) The workers were _____ strike. on
(iii) We usually go there _____ car. by
(iv) I’ll be with you _____ a minute. for
(v) He is suffering _____ typhoid. from
(vi) Children are fond ______ sweets. of
(vii) Rajesh is senior _______ Shyam. to
(viii) She invited me _______ dinner. for
(ix) I will meet you _____ six o‘clock. at
(x) He is suffering _____ typhoid. from


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