Basketful of Moonlight

Basketful of Moonlight

Warming up! Chit-Chat

Basketful of Moonlight

1. Did you like to hear bedtime stories when you were a child?

Ans. Yes, I liked to hear bedtime stories in my childhood.

2. Who usually told you the bedtime stories?

Ans : My grandmother/ mother used to tell me the bedtime stories.

3. Why did you like them?

Ans : I liked the stories because they entertain me. I could spend time with my grandmother. The stories made me sleep.

4. Do you still like to hear those stories, again?

Ans : I like to hear the stories again. Or I don’t like to hear those stories again.

1. Discuss in groups about the procedure of planting a tree. Write the steps in bullet points and present it before the class.

1. Digging soil 2. Putting a sapling

3. Filling soil around the sapling

4. Watering the sapling

5. Fencing the plant.

2. Discuss in pairs and write what your father and mother do for your family.

Do as directed

A Teenager’s Prayer

Sidebar Activities on Basketful of Moonlight

What does the poet wish to get from the moon and why?

And: The poet wishes to get Seeds of moonlight to sow along the path from village to City.

Why is the road from the city to the village dangerous? Ans : There are snakes and Scorpions on the dark road.

Why does the poet want his father home early?

Ans : The poet wants his father home early to listen to the stories from his father.

How do you spend your evening time with your family members?

Ans : I spend my evening time with my family members. I work in the garden and talk with my mother. I watch T.V . along with my family and discuss the episodes.

1. Complete the following sentences with the help of the poem Basketful of Moonlight.

(a) The child wants to sow small moons of light from the city to her village.

(b) According to the child the route of his village is tough and full of snakes, and scorpions.

(c) The child wants a basketful of moonlight on loan.(d) The child wants to light the dark route so that his father returns early.

2. Write down the describing words used for the following nouns from the poem Basketful of Moonlight.

Small moons

dark route tough

whole village

early morning

3. The child in the poem ‘Basketful of Moonlight’ wants to solve the problems of his village. How can the child solve them with the following wishes? Answer in your notebook.

(a) Give me moonlight, basketful or two baskets full, with seeds of moonlight.

(b) I want to light the dark route so that my father returns early.

4. Pick out and write the lines from the poem Basketful of Moonlight that prove the following.

(a) Father reaches home late, after dark.

When my father returns home I am asleep.

(b) Eager to hear fairy tales from his father.

I too want to hear fairy tales and stories from tum.

(c) Remove darkness and bring light among the darker paths.

I want to light the dark route.

5Write as many words as you can, using -ful as a suffix. For example, basketful, handful bucketful, cupful mouthful spoonful Jarful glassful bagtul boxful mugful

Language Study

6. Pick out the examples of Alliteration and Repetition, Apostrophe from the poem Basketful of Moonlight

Alliteration: give me moonlight, I want to sow seeds of moon

Repetition: small,small moons of light

Apostrophe: O moon


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