An Enemy of the People

The Price of Truth In the small coastal town of Rivertown, Dr. Thomas Stockman was once hailed as a hero. His discovery of contaminated water in the town’s main tourist attraction, the famous Hot Springs Resort, had saved countless lives. However, his triumph quickly turned to turmoil as he became the target of wrath and… Continue reading An Enemy of the People

Nose versus Eyes

Summary of Nose versus Eyes The poem Nose versus Eyes describes a humorous dispute between the nose and the eyes over who should wear spectacles. Tongue, personified as a lawyer, argues on behalf of the nose, while Chief Baron Ear acts as the judge. Tongue argues that since the nose has always worn spectacles, it… Continue reading Nose versus Eyes

Charm of Collective Nouns

Language is a tapestry woven with intricate threads, each contributing to the richness and beauty of communication. Among the many fascinating elements of language, collective nouns stand out as delightful nuggets of linguistic charm. These special nouns, used to describe groups of people, animals, or things, add flavor and whimsy to our everyday conversations. What… Continue reading Charm of Collective Nouns