Frame Wh Questions Easily : 8 Wh Questioning Words

Frame Wh Questions

Simple Concept of Wh Questions

Frame wh questions is a popular term in English Grammar. It is asked in almost all exams of any class, even in competitive exams. Mostly the statement is given with underlined part. Instruction is given to frame wh questions to get the underlined part as an answer. Become master in English by learning wh questions. One should understand the basics of Wh words like what, who, when, where, how, which and why.

How to select wh word to frame questions.

  1. Frame question with ‘What‘ if underlined part is thing / object .
    1. Example: He needs breads. Ans. What does he need?
  2. Frame question with ‘Who‘ if underlined part is person/subject.
    1. Example: Arvind Kejriwal is the Chief Minister. Ans. Who is the Chief Minister?
  3. Frame question with ‘Whom‘ if underlined part is person but in place of object of verb.
    1. Example: Teacher gave warning to Amit. Ans. Whom did teacher give warning?
  4. Frame question with ‘When‘ if underlined part indicates time.
    1. Example: India got freedom in 1947. Ans. When did India get freedom?
  5. Frame question with ‘Where‘ if underlined part indicates place.
    1. Example: Students went to the Red Fort. Ans: Where did students go?
  6. Frame question with ‘Why‘ if underlined part indicates reason.
    1. Example: They are late because they missed the bus. Ans. Why are they late?
  7. Frame question with ‘How‘ if underlined part is adjective/adverb.
    1. Example: a. Rose is beautiful. Ans. How is rose? b. Elephants walk heavily. Ans. How do elephants walk?
  8. Frame question with ‘Which‘ if underlined part is about selection of something.
    1. He likes red colour. Ans. Which colour does he like?

Almost All Types of Wh Questions in One Single Statement

Frame Wh Questions

Associate colour to understand the above image and one statement all example of frame wh questions.

Structure and 5 Rules to Frame Wh Questions

(Structure): Wh-word + Helping Verb + Subject + Verb + ……….. ?

While framing wh questions remember these tips and rules.

1. Select suitable wh word. 2. Use it in the beginning. 3. Use an appropriate helping verb. Make use of do, does, did if helping verb is not in the statement. Otherwise use the one given in the statement. 4. Use subject after helping verb. 5. Use remaining words excluding the underlined part. To understand this brilliantly study the wh questions from Types of sentences.

He was late owing to the heavy downpour.(Frame wh-que to get bold part as an answer )

Why he was late?

  1. Form Questions for the following.
    (I) They go to work by bus.
    (II) We are going to the cinema.
    (III) The children are sitting in the class.
    (IV) She walks home from market.
    (V) Rahul runs with his dog on Sunday.
    (VI) Radha is doing her homework.
    (VII) My rabbit has a cage in the garden.
    (VIII) Rohan likes cats because they are nice.
    (IX) She never cleans the van.
    (X) They are running school.
    (XI) The students play football.
    (XII) John isn‘t sleeping late today.
    (XIII) I am leaving now.
    (XIV) Sam and Tina are playing in the garden.
    (XV) They are school friends.
  2. Do as directed.
    (I) Imagination is everything. (Make
    question Tag)
    (II) They have played cricket. (Make
    question Tag)
    (III) Birds are happy in the sky. (Make
    question Tag)
    (IV) He never returned. (Add
    question Tag)
    (V) Something is wrong. (Add
    question Tag)
    (VI) She is running very fastly0. (Add
    question Tag)
    (VII) There are 50 students in my class. (Add
    question Tag)
    (VIII) I am going to the cinema. (Add
    question Tag)


1] Dr. Khan had a golden touch.
Who had a golden touch?
2] He dedicated his book “Ignited Mind” to Snehal Thakhar.
Whom did he dedicate his book “Ignited Mind”?
3] The writing of Jyotirao Phule inspired him.
Whose writing did inspire him?
4] Bhaurao Patil was born on 22nd September, 1887.
When was Bhaurao Patil born?
5] Bhaurao Patil was born at Khumbhoj.
Where was Bhaurao Patil born ?
6] We stopped by for breakfast at Mussouri.
Why did we stop by at mussouri?
7] He failed because he did not work hard.
Why did he fail?
8] Life is struggle.
What is life? 9] The speech should be clear.
How should be the speech?
10] The Brahmaputra is known for flash flood.
Which river is known for flash floods?
11] She speaks English fluently.
How does she speak English?
12] The town is famous for its Shiva temple.
What is the town famous for?
13] I brought them up like twins.
How did I bring them up?
14. Geologists call this movement as ‘continental drift’.
Who call this movement as ‘continental drift’?
15. Laughter is called as inner jogging.
What is called as inner jogging?
16. He was disappointed because he could not reach there in time.
Why was he disappointed?
17. She taught me to read.
What did she teach me ?
18. My doctor advised me.
Who advised me?
19. My doctor advised me.
Whom did my doctor advise?
20. Soapy left his bench. What did Soapy do?

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Here are some examples of framing “wh” questions:

  1. Who – Who is the president of the United States?
  2. What – What is the capital of France?
  3. Where – Where is the Great Wall of China located?
  4. When – When did World War II end?
  5. Why – Why did the American Civil War occur?
  6. How – How does photosynthesis work in plants?
  7. Which – Which country has the largest land area?
  8. Whose – Whose idea was it to go on a picnic?
  9. Whom – Whom did you see at the party last night?
  10. How many/much – How much does a gallon of milk cost?

Exercise: Frame Wh-Questions

Instructions: For each given sentence, create a Wh-question that has the underlined part as its answer. Pay attention to the context and use the appropriate Wh-word to form the question.

  1. Sentence: Sarah visited the museum last Sunday.
  • Wh-Question: When did Sarah visit the museum?
  1. Sentence: The students are studying the new chapter.

  • Wh-Question: What are the students studying?
  1. Sentence: Jake is meeting his friends at the park.
  • Underlined Part: at the park
  • Wh-Question: Where is Jake meeting his friends?
  1. Sentence: The mysterious package arrived this morning.
  • Underlined Part: this morning
  • Wh-Question: When did the mysterious package arrive?
  1. Sentence: Emily baked a delicious chocolate cake for the party.
  • Underlined Part: for the party
  • Wh-Question: Why did Emily bake a delicious chocolate cake?
  1. Sentence: The adventurous cat climbed to the top of the tall tree.
  • Underlined Part: to the top of the tall tree
  • Wh-Question: Where did the adventurous cat climb?
  1. Sentence: We watched an interesting documentary about marine life.
  • Underlined Part: about marine life
  • Wh-Question: What did we watch an interesting documentary about?
  1. Sentence: Jason built a beautiful sandcastle on the beach.
  • Underlined Part: on the beach
  • Wh-Question: Where did Jason build a beautiful sandcastle?
  1. Sentence: The main characters solved the mystery together.
  • Underlined Part: together
  • Wh-Question: How did the main characters solve the mystery?
  1. Sentence: I bought a new laptop for my online classes.
    • Underlined Part: for my online classes
    • Wh-Question: Why did I buy a new laptop?


  1. What are the 7 WH questions?
    1. Ans : Wh questions are the words used for getting information. These are who, what, why, when where, which and how
  2. What is WH question give examples?
    1. Ans. Where do you live? What do you like? Who is your favorite cricketer? Why are you late?
  3. What is interrogative sentence?
    1. Ans. Interrogative sentences are of two types. One is verbal question or yes/no type and other is Wh question. Verbal questions begin with helping verbs whereas wh questions begin with wh words.
  4. What are 10 examples of interrogative?
    1. Ans : Are you ready? Have you completed your assignment? Do you understand? Was he present yesterday? What are the 5 question words? How to frame wh questions ? What does new force enable you?

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