Active Voice And Passive Voice – Rules, Charts and Exercise

Active Voice and Passive Voice
Active Voice and Passive Voice

The page is about tense wise Active Voice and Passive voice. The given table gives you a clear idea about changing the voice

Structures of Active Voice and Passive Voice

Structure of Active Voice = Sub + Verb + obj 

Structure of Passive Voice = Obj + to be + V3 + by + sub 

To be form is used in accordance with the Tense form and number of object

Sub and obj are changed if they are pronouns. 

(I – me; We-us; You-you; He-him; She-her; It- it; They-them and vice versa)

Active Voice And Passive Voice - Rules, Charts and Exercise
Active Voice And Passive Voice

Tense Wise Chart for Active Voice and Passive Voice

Active Voice And Passive Voice - Rules, Charts and Exercise
Active Voice and Passive Voice

Change Active Voice into Passive Voice. Study these simple sentences.

I eat a mango.

P. V. A mango is eaten by me.

I am eating a mango.

P.V. A mango is being eaten by me.

We have eaten mangoes.

P.V. Mangoes have been eaten by us.

You ate a mango.

P.V. A mango was eaten by you.

You ate mangoes.

Mangoes were eaten by you.

He was eating a mango.

P. V. A mango was being eaten by him.

She had eaten a mango.

P.V. A mango had been eaten by her.

They will eat mangoes.

P. V. Mangoes will be eaten by them.

I will have eaten a mango.

P. V. A mango will have been eaten by me.

“We have done it.” In this sentence the subject (we) is the doer of action while it (achieving the feat) is the object. The verb of passive voice is formed by using the correct form of the verb ‘to be’ + past participle of the main verb. Construct the sentences accordingly.

Now go through the changes in both the sentences and do changes accordingly in the remaining sentences.

We have done it.

It has been done by us.

(a) We made a pact.

A pact was made by us.

(b) I offered silent prayer in my heart.

Silent prayer was offered in my heart by me.

(c) Colonel Hunt gave me three flags.

I was given three flags by Colonel Hunt.

Three flags were given to me by Colonel Hunt.

(d) I was carrying the Indian flag.

The Indian flag was being carried out by me.

(e) I took photographs of Tenzing holding aloft the flags.

Photographs of Tenzing holding aloft the flags were taken by me.

(f) I remembered him.

He was remembered by me.

(9) We spent the night at Camp Eight.

The night was spent at Camp Eight by us.

Practice the Following Sentences

  1. The dog chased the cat.
  2. The teacher graded the tests.
  3. The chef cooked the meal.
  4. The musician played the piano.
  5. The children built a sandcastle.
  6. The company released a new product.
  7. The doctor examined the patient.
  8. The athlete ran the marathon.
  9. The gardener watered the plants.
  10. The scientist conducted an experiment.
  11. The cleaner mopped the floor.
  12. The construction workers built the bridge.
  13. The artist painted the picture.
  14. The engineer designed the building.
  15. The fisherman caught the fish.

Let’s learn the uses of active voice and passive voice.

When the action is more important than the doer of the action i.e. subject, passive voice is used. In passive voice sometimes subject is missing.

When the doer of action is more important, active voice is used.

Structures of Active Voice and Passive Voice

Passive Voice = Object + to be + V3 (past participle)+ by + Subject

Active Voice = Subject + Verb form (based on tense)+ Object

Change the voice.

Ex. 1] You have been accepted by temple.
A.V. Temple has accepted you.
2] The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the Lightness of being a beginner
A.V. =The lightness of being a beginner replaced the heaviness of being successful.
3] My father was given a jeep by the government.
A.V. = The government gave a jeep to my father.

A.V = The government gave my father a jeep. 
4] This women was raised by a widowed mother.
A.V. = A widowed mother raised this women.
5] 90% of road crashes globally were attributed to “human error’’ by the world health organization.
A.V. =The world health organization attributed 90% of road crashes globally to human error.
6] Sam was joined by galahas, swallows, and cockatoos.
A.V. =Galahs, swallows, cockatoos joined Sam.
7] He was struck by a car.
A.V. =A car struck him.
8] I was diagnosed with cancer.
A.V. = Doctor diagnosed me with cancer.
9] The brew was served.
A.V. =Mother served the brew.
10] Road accident have been traditionally viewed as random events.
A.V. = we have traditionally viewed road accident as random event.
11] Our children are straitjacketed.
A.V. = We straitjacketed our children.
12] Happiness can’t be bought with cash.
A.V. = We can’t buy happiness with cash.
13.  An unusual commotion was heard by her.
   A. V.   She heard an unusual commotion.

1] The work is forced by external factors and condition.
2] 20 million messages are sent every month.
3] You bring grandeur to gadget.
4] He captured the soul of romance.
5] Sms was conceived year before.
1] They spent an anxious day at the hospital
2] Try this.
3] More trees and shrubs were planted.
4] Twenty street lamp are powered by solar and wind energy.
5] I gave him a book.

6)Mother is washing the cloth.( change into passive voice) 

 The cloth is being washed by mother. 

7) Paint the house green .(change into passive voice) 

 Let the house be painted green. 

8) The bank robbed in broad daylight.(Write in full form of passive voice) 

 The bank was robbed in broad daylight.

9) They isolated me. (Change the voice)

I was isolated by them.

10) What do we say last Friday?

What is said by us last Friday?

Change the voice.
a) They are inspired by ideas.
b) They must be protected.
c) They are lifting the bodies.
d) He has outlasted them all.
e) Look at the condition of woman.


Ideas inspire them.

We must protect them.

The bodies are being lifted by them.

All of them have been outlasted by him.

Let the condition of woman be looked at.

Test on Passive voice

Click here to learn Tenses

(A4) (i) Begin the following sentences with the words given in the brackets. Apply rules of change the voice.

(a) I can guide visitors.


(b) Animals are paying me back. (I)

(c) The behaviour of the first black panther is being documented. (They)

(d) All the research on the animal has been done through camera traps. (They)

(e) Madegowda is employed by the Bison. (The Bison)

(f) The surroundings were reminding me. (I)

(g) Raju was amazed at my solitary visits to Umbarzara. (My solitary)

(h) I found a bright red soil trial. (A)

(i) Older leopards like Pardus carry away livestock from villages. (Livestock)

(j) I have lost almost 80 percent of a season’s yield of sugarcane. (80 percent)

(k) Tracking an animal also teaches you life lessons. (Life lessons)

(l) Many things have been taught to me by the forests. (The forests)

(m) Resentment among locals towards the animals is created by this.

Online Test on Active Voice And Passive Voice



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