Do as directed Class 10 – With Solution

Do as Directed

Set your Target before preparation.

Grammar Digest useful for std 10 and std 9.

Do as directed Class 10 - With Solution
Do as directed

Do as directed.

1. Choose the correct options for the following:  
(i) He could not rise. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘unable to’)

(a) He could unable to rise.(b) He is unable to rise.(c) He unable to rise.(d) He was unable to rise.

2.  He was tired and weak. (Make it exclamatory)

(a) How tired and weak he was!(b) How tired and weak he was.(c) What tired and weak he was. (d) How tired and weak was he!

3.  Let us democratise knowledge. (choose the correct question tag and rewrite the sentence using it)

a) will you? b) shall we? c) Isn’t it? d) wasn’t it?

4.  May I please request you to put your hand close to your heart. (underline the ‘infinitive’)
4.  They have to have the skill and the will. ( Use ‘not only—but also’)

Ans : They have to have not only the skill but also the will.

5. We shall not achieve our goals. ( Choose correct ‘Q-tag)
a) shall we ? b) shan’t we ? c)shalln’t we? d) shall we
5. She could see it. (Use ‘able to’.)

Ans : She was able to see it. 

6. I used to give my leftovers to this beggar every day.. (Use ‘would’.)

 Ans : I would give my leftovers to this beggar every day.
7. King Krishnadeva Raya would perform heavy exercises every morning. ( Use ‘used to)

Ans : King Krishnadeva Raya used to perform heavy exercises every morning.

8. They advised the king to regulate his diet.( Pick out the infinitive)

Ans : to regulate 

Q.1. A1. Do as directed (Any 4): [04 Marks]

i. Identify the type of sentence :Don’t lose faith.
Ans : Imperative Sentence
ii. Punctuate the given sentence : are you still hungry I asked faintly
Ans : “Are you still hungry?” I asked faintly.
iii. Find out minimum four letter words from the given word: Conversation-……………., ………….., ……………, …………………

Ans : Verse, station, cover, river, tone, actor, action, vase etc 
iv. Complete the following word chain for verbs :Change-………………, ………………, …………………., …………………

Ans : Change, eager, rigid, demon, nation  

v. Arrange the given words in the proper alphabetical order.solution, security, sleep, suddenly
Security, Sleep Solution, Suddenly
A2. Do as directed (Any 2): [04 Marks]
i. Rewrite in Indirect narration:“Now young man” he said, “We’re ready to listen to Bach.”

Ans : He addressed the young man and said that then they were ready to listen to Bach. 

ii. Make meaningful sentences of your own to show the difference in homophones:
blue , blew 
blue: The sky is blue. 

blew: The referee blew the whistle in the match. 

iii. Rewrite in the past perfect continuous tense: The marlin fights for its life desperately.

Ans : The marlin had been fighting for its life desperately.

B. Do as directed (any one): [02 Marks]

i. Change the following sentence into positive and comparative degree

The biggest challenge knocking at the doors of humankind is fear and intolerance.

Positive Degree: No other challenge knocking at the doors of humankind is as big as fear and intolerance.

Comparative : The challenge like fear and intolerance is bigger than any other challenge knocking at the doors of humankind. 

ii. Pick out the Modal Auxiliary and state its function: a. He would borrow one week, lend the next. b. I knew, I could not afford caviar.

a. would – past habits, b. could – capability,

 Q.1. A1. Do as directed (Any 4): [04 Marks] 

i. Spot the error in the following sentence and rewrite it: When I took the note, I saw it were still wet from the nights rain.

When I took the note, I saw it was still wet from the nights rain.
ii. Form two present participle in which the last letter is doubled.
Ans : jogging, running, digging, stopping etc
iii. Write any 2 compound words of your own.

Ans : postman, dockyard, water bottle

iv. Identify the type of sentence: How utterly we have failed our children!


v. Pick out the gerund from the following sentence : The attitude of taking destroys families.

Gerund – taking (object of preposition)

Set 2 A2. Do as directed (any 2): [04 Marks]

i. Write a word register of 8 words related to:‘Music’.
Lyric, instruments, musician, song, drum, piano, rhythm, direction, classical, notes, violin, singer, 

ii. Change the voice: Anil had already made the tea.The tea had already been made by Anil. 

iii. Change the following sentences into indirect speech :Robert asked, “ old are you ?” “I am 13 years old,” she replied.

Ans : Robert asked Joan how old she was. She replied that she was 13 years old. 
B. Do as directed (Any 1): [02 Marks]

i. Make two sentences by using the given word as a noun and as verb:  dream

Ans . It’s my dream to become a pilot.I dream to become a pilot. 
ii. Begin the sentence with ‘No sooner …… As soon as the thief escaped the family informed the police……………

No sooner did the thief escape than the family informed the police. 

Do as directed / Grammar Exercises

i) Spider webs are delicate, yet very strong.(Rewrite the sentence beginning with ‘Although ……….’

i)Ans : Although spider webs are delicate, they are very strong. 

ii. We touch it and become gold ourselves.(Add a question tag and Rewrite the sentence)

Ans : We touch it and become gold ourselves, don’t we ? 

i. The concert came to an end; the audience gave the artists a standing ovation. (Begin the sentence with No sooner than) 

No sooner did the concert come to an end than the audience gave the artists a standing ovation. 

ii. In the wings a small crowd had gathered to talk about the evening concert (Pick out the determiners from the given sentence) 

Ans : In the wings

i. Pixar is the world’s most successful animation studio. (Rewrite the sentence in Positive degree)

Ans : No other animation studio of the world is as successful as Pixar. 

ii. Don’t lose faith. (Rewrite as an Assertive sentence)

Ans : You should not lose faith. 
i. He is unable to catch any fish for eighty-four days.(Pick the infinitive in the sentence)

Ans : to catch 

ii. Hemingway always talks about the need to struggle against defeat or death. (Rewrite the sentence as a Negative sentence, without changing its meaning)

Hemingway never fails to talk about the need to struggle against defeat or death.

Rewrite the following sentences as directed :

I. You can write faster than Gopal. (Change into Positive Sentence)

Ans . Gopal cannot write as fast as you can.

ii. Abdul is more honest than any other boy. (Change into Superlative Sentence)

Ans. Abdul is the honest boy.

iii. He denied beating the boy. (Change into Negative Sentence)

Ans. He didn’t admit beating the boy.

iv. If you don‘t run, you can‘t catch the bus. (Change into Affirmative Sentence)

Ans. If you run, you can catch the bus.

v. Who can bear such cruelty ? (Change into Assertive Sentence)

Ans. No one can bear such cruelty.

vi. This is not the kind of dress to wear in College. (Change into Interrogative Sentence)

Ans. Is this the kind of dress to wear in college?

vii. How quickly he walks ! (Change into Assertive Sentence)

Ans. He walks very quickly.

viii. The holiday has passed very quickly. (Change into Exclamatory Sentence)

Ans. How quickly the holiday has passed !


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