Simple Uses of Not only but also

simple Uses of not only but also
Uses of not only but also

Uses of Not only but also _ Not only —- but also हेच नव्हे तर ते सुद्धा

In the structure of not only — but also, the focus/stress is on the word ( noun, adjective, verb etc.) that follows but also. The conjunction Not only but also is used to join two subjects, two objects, two verbs, two adjectives and two adverbs.

व्यक्तिच्या एका गुणापेक्षा/क्रियेपेक्षा दुस‍र्‍या गुणावर/क्रियेवर भर देण्यासाठी ही रचना वापरते. not only—but also ने दोन कर्ते, कर्मे, क्रियापदे, विेशेषने जोडल्या जाते.
Gargie eats not only orange but also mango. गार्गी संत्रीच नव्हे तर आंबे देखील खाते.

Not only Ganesh but also Ramesh works as labourer. गणेशच नव्हे तर रमेश देखिल मजुर म्ह्णुन काम करतो.

Ramesh not only reads but also understands. रमेश वाचतोच असे नव्हे तर समजतो देखिल.

She is not only beautiful but also intelligent. ती सुंदरच नव्हे तर हुशार देखिल आहे.

He is not only cleve but also hard working. Not only does the new Principal speak French, but he also speaks Spanish. John talks not only carelessly but also harshly. Not only she but also I am thinking of the wedding. They visited not only Italy but also Japan.

Use of Not only but also and transformation

  1. By removing ‘as well as’ or ‘and’, not only…. but also is used.
  2. not only is placed before the word joined by as well as or and.
  3. In place of ‘as well as’ or ‘and’ but also is placed.
Uses of Not only but also

1. as well as किंवा and काढुन त्या ऐवजी not only.. but also वापरतात.
2. as well as किंवा and ने जोडलेले दोन कर्ते, कर्मे, क्रियापदे, विेशेषने यापैकी पहिल्याच्या आधी not only ठेवतात .
3. as well as किंवा and च्या जागेवर but also ठेवतात.
4. दोन स्वतंत्र वाक्य not only.. but also ने जोड्तांना समान शब्द्समुह एकच वेळ वापारतात व भिन्न शब्दसमुह not only–but also ने जोड्तात.


1. The captain as well as the players is to blame for the shameful defeat.(Verb agrees with the first subject)
Not only the captain but also the players are to blame for the shameful defeat.
2. Boys and girls are given equal opportunity.
Not only boys but also girls are given equal opportunity.
3. Shivaji was a kind ruler and a good organizer.
Shivaji was not only a kind ruler but also a good organizer.
4. We have Durga. We have Laxmi.
We have not only Durga but also Laxmi.
5. They have booked our seats. They have sent us a telegram.
They have not only booked our seats but also sent us a telegram.
6. Both Narendra and Rahul are liable for the post.
Not only Narendra but Rahul also is liable for the post.
7. They were totally drenched and happy.
They were not only drenched totally but also happy.

 8. New insights have enabled the banks and finance companies to come with suitable plans.

New insights have enabled not only the banks but also finance companies to come with suitable plans

Examples of as well as and not only……. but also.

“As well as” and “not only… but also” are conjunctions used to link items in a list or items of equal importance.

Examples of “as well as”:

  • I enjoy playing tennis as well as basketball.
  • The store sells books as well as stationery.
  • He is fluent in French as well as Spanish.

Examples of “not only… but also”:

  • Not only does he play the guitar, but also the piano.
  • Not only is she smart, but also kind.
  • Not only do they offer a great menu, but also exceptional service.

Examples of converting the phrase “as well as” into “not only… but also”:

  • As well as playing tennis, he also enjoys basketball.
  • Not only does he enjoy playing tennis, but also basketball.
  • The store sells not only books but also stationery. becomes
  • The store sells stationery as well as books.
  • She is fluent in French as well as Spanish. becomes
  • Not only is she fluent in French, but also in Spanish.
  • As well as studying, she also works part-time. becomes
  • Not only does she study, but also works part-time.
  • He not only sings but also dances. becomes
  • He dances as well as sings.
  • The company offers not only training but also support. becomes
  • The company offers support as well as training.
  • As well as cooking, she also enjoys baking. becomes
  • Not only does she enjoy cooking, but also baking.
  • He not only runs but also swims. becomes
  • He swims as well as runs.

When two subjects (nouns) are connected by ‘not only……but also’ the verb should be used according to the second subject.

Not only the teacher but also the students are laughing.
Not only the students but also the principal was present.

When to Use a comma with not only but also

“Not only… but also” is a corelative conjunction for joining clauses and nouns. So, when you need to connect clauses that are independent sentences themselves, a comma is used to separate them. But when used to join nouns, a comma should not be used. Those children like not only cakes but also cheese. Not only do those children eat cookies every day during break time, but they also enjoy fruits when necessary. Check your understanding by taking the following test


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