2.3 There is Another Sky- Inspirational Poem

There is Another Sky
There is Another Sky

The poem “There is Another Sky” written by Emily Dickinson conveys a message of hope and positivity. The speaker describes a metaphorical place of beauty and serenity, contrasting it with the hardships of the world. They invite someone, addressed as “my brother,” to share in the tranquility and beauty of this other world, where nature is evergreen and free from frost. The poem encourages focusing on the brighter aspects of life, even in the face of challenges, and offers a sense of optimism and comfort.

Icebreaking Activities on There is Another Sky

(i) Life is an amalgam of happy and sad moments. Think of such moments in your life, pair with your classmate and share both the aspects of life.

Happy MomentsSad Moments
1. Winning the first prize in a competition
Losing your mobile, bicycle or wallet
2. Getting admission in the college of our choiceNot getting admission
3. Meeting old friendsParting from friends

(ii) Discuss with your partner and find proverbs, idioms or phrases of similar meaning to the one given and fill them in the stars given below:

2.3 There is Another Sky- Inspirational Poem
2.3 There is Another Sky- Inspirational Poem
2.3 There is Another Sky- Inspirational Poem

Here are some proverbs that convey hope and optimism:

1. “Every cloud has a silver lining.”
2. “Hope springs eternal.”
3. “There’s light at the end of the tunnel.”
4. “Where there’s life, there’s hope.”
5. “Tomorrow is a new day.”
6. “The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.”
7. “After the rain comes the sunshine.”
8. “Keep your chin up.”
9. “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”
10. “A positive attitude can turn a storm into a sprinkle.”

These proverbs emphasize the idea that hope and optimism can lead to positive outcomes, even in challenging circumstances.

(i) When we look at the sky, we find several objects. They stand for something or the other. Complete the following table by finding the significance of the given objects. One example is given to you.

Sr. No.Celestial BodiesAssociation
1.The SunPower, Heat, Energy, Commitment etc.
2.The Moon  Beauty, Light , Calmness, Love etc
3.The Rainbow  Unity, Beauty , Hope, etc
4.The StarsLight, Eternity, Guide, etc

(ii) Colours mentioned in the hexagons given below, are associated with something or the other. Discuss with your partner and fill in the blanks.

2.3 There is Another Sky- Inspirational Poem


There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair,
And there is another sunshine,
Though it be darkness there;
Never mind faded forests, 
Austin,Never mind silent fields—
Here is a little forest,
Whose leaf is ever green;
Here is a brighter garden,
Where not a frost has been;
In its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum:
Prithee, my brother,
Into my garden come!

-Emily Dickinson

(A1) (i) Imagine your younger sister is not paying attention to her studies and is seen wasting time playing games on her cell-phone. Suggest some ways that will help her to concentrate on her studies and overcome her bad habit.
Ans : Hey, Amruta, you are not paying attention to your study . It’s a bad habit to play games on cellphone. You should keep in mind that it makes one lazy for everything and busy for nothing. You should be crazy for books. Work hard to be Lord.
(ii) You have noticed that many of your classmates are not interested in outdoor games or participating in co-curricular activities. Discuss some ways in which they will be encouraged to participate in activities.
Ans: The College should organise outdoor games. Participation in at least two activities should be made compulsory. Winners should get reward and certificate. The certificate should have weightage in the exam.

Poetic Creativity

(iii) Let’s compose a poem. Two lines are given. Add two of your own.

There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair
Get up and fly
Wait not , ride on mare

(A2) (i) Discuss with your partner and complete the web, highlighting the sad and gloomy aspects of life mentioned in the first part of the poem.

2.3 There is Another Sky- Inspirational Poem
Std 11 English solutions

(ii) The poet encourages her brother in the second part of the poem by telling him about the brighter side of life. Discuss with your partner and make a list of the expressions in the poem that mean encouragement.
(a) Brighter garden
(b) unfading flower
(c) bright bee hum
(iii) The poet has described two different shades of human feelings by using imagery of various forces of Nature in the poem. Pick out the terms or phrases that describe them. Complete the table given below. One is done for you.

Faded forestsSad/gloomy
Silent fieldsloneliness
Bright bee humjoy
There is another sky

(A3) ‘Never mind faded forests, Austin’. The word ‘faded’ means to become dim or faint. The word describes the forests that have become faint or dim in appearance. Now go through the poem again and complete the table.

Describing WordObjectExplanation
1. fadedforestsThe forests have become faint or dim in appearance
2. silentfieldsThe field has no trace of birds.
3. unfadingflowerThe flower that mains on tree forever.
4. brightbeeThe bee is excited.
There is another sky

Poetic Devices

(A4) ‘I hear the bright bee hum.’ The poet has used the word ‘hum’ that indicates the sound made by the bee. This is an example of Onomatopoeia. The poet has used different figures of speech like alliteration, inversion and hyperbole in the poem. Identify them and pick out the lines accordingly.
(a) Hyperbole – In its unfading flowers
(b) Alliteration – bright bee, faded forest
(c) Inversion – into my garden come
(A5) Imagine your friend is a table tennis champion who has won the semi-final in the inter-collegiate championship. Due to over confidence, she neither practices nor does she take her opponent seriously. This may result in her losing the final. Suggest some ways to make her aware of the importance of hard work and regular practice.

Activity Questions based on the poem

1. Complete the statement.

a) The speaker describes “another sky” as ……

b) The speaker refers to ……………as a “little forest” in the poem.

Ans : The speaker describes “another sky” as a place or state of being that is serene and beautiful.

The speaker refers to a place which is evergreen as a “little forest” in the poem.

2. Explain “There is another sunshine, though it be darkness there”.

Ans : The speaker means that even in a place or situation that might seem dark or challenging, there is a different kind of brightness or positivity that can be found.

3. Explain how the speaker encourages someone with the lines “Never mind faded forests, Austin, never mind silent fields”.

Ans: The speaker encourages someone, presumably named Austin, to not dwell on or be discouraged by the fading forests and silent fields, suggesting there’s something better to focus on.

4. Write the significance of about the line “Here is a brighter garden, where not a frost has been”.

Ans: The line “Here is a brighter garden, where not a frost has been” emphasizes the idea that this other garden is free from cold and hardship, highlighting its beauty and purity.

5. Pick out sensory imagery used in the poem to describe the garden.

Ans: The poem uses sensory imagery such as the evergreen leaves in the little forest and the sound of the bright bee humming in the unfading flowers.

6. Write the message of the poem. Or State the emotions or feelings the poem conveys.

Ans: The poem conveys a sense of optimism, beauty, and the idea that even in difficult times, there is a place of serenity and joy that can be found.

Poetic Appreciation

(A6) (i) Use the following points and write an appreciation of the poem:
• About the poem, poet and title
• Theme
• Poetic style, language, poetic devices used in the poem
• Special features
• Message/values/morals in the poem
• Your opinion about the poem

The poem ‘There is Another Sky’ written by Emily Dickinson is an inspirational poem with a message of ‘never say-die’. It is a Petrarchan sonnet with octave and sestet. The poet is communicating to her brother through a letter. She encourages her brother not to get depressed under any circumstances and pleads with him to return home. Life is full of challenges; one can tackle the challenges with a positive attitude. The poem ends on an optimistic note. The brighter garden stands for choices that life offers to all.The poem is full of nature imagery. The poem expresses feelings of serenity through them. The poet has deployed various poetic devices in the poem. They are hyperbole, alliteration, inversion, metaphor and onomatopoeia.

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