Four Types of Sentences – Structure and Uses

Types of Sentences
Types of Sentences

Let’s us understand sentence structure, it’s uses and types of sentences.

What is a sentence? …….A group of words that makes good sense is known as sentence.
शब्दांचा अर्थपुर्ण समुह म्हणजे वाक्य होय.

e.g. :A.] India is my country.

B.] I learn English.

C.] Do you like tea?

D.] Come here.

E.] Alas! He is dead.

F.] What do you want?

Four Types of Sentences

There are four types of sentence in English Grammar.

1. Assertive 2. Imperative 3. Interrogative 4. Exclamatory.

1 Assertive Sentence

Def: Stating something about a subject or making simply a statement is an assertive sentence. It is also known as declarative/statement. It begins with noun or pronoun i.e. subject and ends with full stop. कर्त्याबद्दल विधान करणारे वाक्य म्हणजे विधानात्मक वाक्य होय.

: 1. subject + verb + object.
We love India.

2. subject + verb + complement.
He is a farmer. He is happy.

3. subject + h. v. + verb + complement/object.
Ganesh is flying a kite.
They have invited us.

Subject means doer of action . It functions as a noun or pronoun. Object is a noun or objective pronoun to which action is passed on. Complement is a noun or adjective used to bring meaning in the sentence.

Subject म्हणजे कर्ता जो Noun / Pronoun च्या रुपात असतो . Object म्हणजे कर्म जो Noun / Pronoun च्या objective form मध्ये असतो. Complement म्हणजे पुरक शब्द होय. वाक्याचा अर्थ पुर्ण करण्यासाठी वापरलेले Noun किवा Adjective हे complement चे कार्य करते.

2. Imperative Sentence

Def-A sentence that has request or order or instructions or advice is an imperative sentence. It begins with verb and ends with full stop.

आ‍द्न्या(order) , हुकूम, विनंती ,सुचना करनारे वाक्य म्ह्णजे Imperative sentence होय.

1. verb + object.

Open book.

2. verb + complement.

Move aside. Look at me.

more examples:

Please give me your notebook.(request)

Don’t waste time.(advice)
Have a nice day.(wish)
Do not do that again.(command)
March ahead. (order)

3. Interrogative sentence:

Def/Uses A sentence used to get information or make enquiry is an interrogative sentence. There are two types of interrogative sentences. 1. Verbal Question 2. Wh-question

माहिती मिळ्वीण्यासा्ठी किंवा चौकशीसाठी केलेले प्रश्न म्हणजे प्रश्नार्थक वाक्य होय.प्रश्नार्थक वाक्याचे दोन प्रकार आहेत. 1. Verbal question 2. wh-questionA] Verbal Question किंवा Yes/No type Question

Structure A] Verbal Question किंवा Yes/No type Question Auxiliary verb + Sub. + Verb + Obj./Comp. ?

Examples of Verbal Question

Do you like fruits?

Have they invited us?

Is Ganesh flying kite?

Can you read English?

Are you ready?

टिप: H. V = मुख्य क्रीयापदाला मदत म्ह्णुन वापरलेल्या शब्दाला Helping verb/ Auxiliary verb म्हणतात.Helping verb पुढील प्रमाणे आहेत can, could, may, might, must, am, is, are, was, were, have, has, had, shall, will, should, would, do, does, did, इत्यादी.

Structure B] Wh-Question:
Wh-word + H. V. + Sub. + Verb + ……….. ?

Examples of Wh Questions

1. What do you want?

2. Where do you live?

3. When have they arrived?

4. Who wrote the constitution of India?

5. Why are you late?

6. How are you?

4 Exclamatory Sentence.:

Def/uses – A sentence with a deep feeling is called as exclamatory sentence. It is used to express sudden feelings about joy, grief, and surprise.

स्वाभावीक तिव्र भावना व्यक्त करनारे वाक्य म्ह्णजे उदगारवाचक वाक्य होय.

Structure : 1. What + a/an + adjective + noun + sub + verb !
2. How + adjective + sub + verb !

Examples of Exclamatory Sentence

1. What a beautiful flower it is!

2. What an honest man he is!

3. How clever you are!

4. How pretty!

5. What a colourful bush!

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