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35 Proverbs and their Marathi Substitute

PROVERBS and their Marathi Substitute 1. A drop in the ocean- सागराला एक थेंब काय? 2. A honey tongue, a heart of gall- मुःखात राम,...

Appreciation of STD 10 Poems

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Sentence Transformation – Negative and Interrogative

Do as Directed 1 : Here is an exercise for Sentence Transformation - Negative and Interrogative 1. I was doubtful whether he would marry here. (Change...

My Hobby: Speech

Hobby: Writing, Communication, Growth. Write a speech on the topic 'My Hobby'. 1) Explain the term 2) Give your hobby 3) Give its importance 4)...

Mind Mapping on Sports and Entertainment

What is a mind Mapping? Mind mapping is a visual technique that helps organize and represent information in a hierarchical and interconnected manner. It's a...

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