On To The Summit – We Reach The Top

On To The Summit - We Reach The Top
On To The Summit - We Reach The Top

An Extract from On To The Summit – We Reach The Top : ‘When we left Camp…………………. not two individuals but a team.”
A1 State true or false. Correct the false statements
1) The mountaineers left camp nine on Saturday morning
2) The mountaineers kept their places changing
3) Hillary would take the lead
4) The mountaineer had four flags in his pocket
5) Colonel hunt gave the mountaineer four flags

A1 Enlist the countries of which the mountaineer carried the flags
A2 Point out the patriotism of the mountaineer.
Ans: He was carrying the Indian flag with him. With the permission of Colonel Hunt he wanted to place the flag on top of the mountain. This shows his patriotism.
A3 Give reasons for the rope being called a symbol
Ans: Rope tied them together. They had to move together. Rope made them a team.
A4 Find the synonyms of : 1. Hill top 2. Vovage 3. Vertical 4. Pitch
A5 Express your liking or disliking for adventurous sport.
A6. Rewrite the following sentences as instructed.
1. I was carrying the Indian flag. (Begin the sentence with – ‘ The Indian flag…….)
2. This was slow and difficult.(Rewrite as exclamatory.)
3. I was not afraid to die that day. (Rewrite it as affirmative)
Activity No. 2 from On To The Summit – We Reach The Top
Extract ” When we reached …….. her prized possessions”
A1. Rearrange the statements in order as the events occur in the extract.
1.) They made a pact.
2.) They reached Kathmandu.
3.) They signed their own statements.
4.) They discovered that a controversy had arisen.
Ans: 1. They reached Kathmandu.
2. They discovered that a controversy had arisen.
3. They made a pact.
4. They signed their own statements.

A2. List the ways in which Tenzing Norgay celebrates on reaching the top.
1. By offering prayer
2. By placing the offering he carried
3. By unfurling flags on the summit
A3. Tenzing and Hillary remained aloof from the controversy. Prove it.
Ans: When they discovered that the controversy had arisen about who reached the summit first, they agreed that the talk was childish. They made a pact mentioning they reached together and signed it.
A4. Give one word for the following expressions:
1. The things that are needed to do a particular work
2. The feelings of being grateful
3. A covering for the face of a part of it.
4. Having god’s help and protection
Ans: 1. Equipment 2. Gratitude 3. Mask 4. Blessed
A5. Write about any controversy you or your friend involved in.
A6. Rewrite as instructed
1. When we reached Kathmandu we discovered that a controversy had arisen. (Rewrite using ‘No sooner….. than’ by removing ‘when’)
2. We crossed over the south summit and moved along the summit ridge. ( Rewrite as simple sentence.)

1. No sooner did we reach Kathmandu than we discovered that a controversy had arisen.
2. Crossing over the south summit we moved along the summit ridge.

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Grammar Activities from On To The Summit – We Reach The Top

Spot the error. One is done for you.
I was not afraid for die that day.
Correct Sentence- I was not afraid to die that day.
(a) Tenzing and Hillary made an pact at the office of P M of Nepal.
Correct :Tenzing and Hillary made a pact at the office of P M of Nepal.
(b) I has to bring my ice axe down with me.
Correct :I had to bring my ice axe down with me.
(c) Tenzing have spent a night with Camp Eight.
Correct :Tenzing had spent a night with Camp Eight.
(d) Pact was signed from Tenzing and Hillary.
Correct :Pact was signed by Tenzing and Hillary.
(e) I and Hillary were in no mood of talking.
Hillary and I were in no mood for talking.

When Tenzing and Hillary reached the summit, Tenzing in utter joy said,
“We have done it.” In this sentence the subject (we) is the doer of the
action while it (achieving the feat) is the Object . The verb of passive voice
is formed by using the correct form of the verb ‘to be’ + past participle
of the main verb. Construct the sentences accordingly.

Now carefully go through the changes in both the sentences and do the
changes accordingly in the remaining sentences.
• We have done it.
It has been done by us.
(a) We made a pact.
A pact was made by us.
(b) I offered silent prayer in my heart.
Silent prayer was offered in my heart
(c) Colonel Hunt gave me three flags.
1.I was given three flags by Colonel Hunt.
2.Three flags were given to me by Colonel Hunt.
(d) I was carrying the Indian flag.
The Indian flag was being carried by me.
(e) I took photographs of Tenzing holding aloft the flags.
Photographs of Tenzing holding aloft the flags were taken by me.
(f) I remembered him.
He was remembered by me.
(g) We spent the night at Camp Eight.
The night was spent at Camp Eight by us.

Look at the sentences given below. Find out which one is correct. If the
sentence is wrong give reasons.
Find the Error and Correct the sentence.
a. Sunita is the quieter of four sisters. Incorrect : Comparison is among four sisters.
b. Sunita is the quietest of the four sisters. Correct
c. Anil’s computer is more new than mine. Incorrect : Comparative adjective is newer.
d. Anil’s computer is newer than mine. Correct
e. I have the wonderfullest mother in the world. Incorrect : superlative adjective of wonderful is most wonderful.
f. I have the most wonderful mother in the world. Correct
g. Aditi is more carefuller than Mary. Incorrect : carefuller is wrong.
h. Aditi is more careful than Mary. Correct
When we compare two nouns, we use comparative adjectives. When we
compare more than two nouns, we use superlative adjectives
For Example. – a. Milind is taller than John.
b. Zakir is the tallest of the three brothers.
Look at the following sentences and observe the changes in the three
Degrees of Comparison
a. Atul is not as bright as Milind in studies. Positive Degree
b. The dining room is brighter than the kitchen. Comparative Degree
c. Anne is the brightest girl in class. Superlative Degree

• Fill in the blanks with comparative, superlative and positive forms of the
correct adjectives in the brackets.
a. You are very naughty. You are as clever as your brother (clever)
b. The tiger is the most dangerous animal in the zoo (dangerous)
c. This is the busiest road in town. (busy)
d. My new house is bigger than the one I used to live in. (big)
e. He is the most forgetful boy in class. (forgetful)


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