The Easy Ultimate Guide to Drafting a Virtual Message

Drafting A Virtual Message

Most often the input for Drafting a Virtual message comes in the form of a telephonic conversation between two people. The virtual conversation conveyed in the conversation is to be converted into a message for a third person. Whereas, sometimes, standard instructions contain the necessary information for the message. Such messages are written on small pieces of papers called memo-slips. Basically such messages contain the following:

What is drafting virtual message?

Drafting a virtual message refers to composing a message or text that you plan to send online, typically through platforms like email, messaging apps, or social media. It involves creating the content of your message, reviewing and revising it before sending. Drafting allows you to carefully consider your words, structure, and overall message to ensure clarity and effectiveness in your communication.

Format  Virtual Message:

 • Date • Time 

• Name of a person to whom the message is directed 

• Body of the message • Name of the writer / sender 

Points to remember for Drafting a Virtual Message: 

While writing the body of the message, the following points have to be kept in mind.

 • Only the most important details should be written. 

• No new information should be added. 

• Grammatically correct sentences should be used. 

• Indirect or reported speech should be used. 

• The message should be written in simple language and without any abbreviations. 

• Check your message before you submit and send it. 

• Be friendly and polite. 

• Avoid pun/ambiguity/witticism, in short words that would create confusion or a chaotic situation.

Virtual Message Examples Hsc:

You receive a telephone call from your mother’s office when she is not at home. You have the following conversation with the speaker. But you have to go for your tuition class. So you leave a message for your mother. Write the message within 50 words using the information given below. Do not add any new information.

Ambuj : Hello!

 Mr Rastogi : Hello! May I speak to Ms Dixit, please? I am Naresh Rastogi from the office.

 Ambuj : Mom’s not at home right now. 

Mr Rastogi : In that case can you give her a message? It is urgent. Please tell her that the meeting fixed for tomorrow has been rescheduled. Ask her to check her mail as soon as possible for the details. Please don’t forget to inform her. 

Ambuj : Don’t worry. I will tell her as soon as she returns.   


14 Feb 3:30 pm
Mom ,

Mr Rastogi from the office called up to say that the meeting fixed for tomorrow has been rescheduled. He wants you to check your mail as soon as possible for the details. He said it was urgent. 

Virtual Message Examples

Drafting a virtual message Class 12 BRAINSTORMING

(A1) (i) In pairs, enact the given conversation between Rakesh and Mrs Sarkar.
Rakesh : Hello, may I speak to Dr Sarkar? 

Mrs Sarkar : He has gone to the hospital to attend the OPD. May I know who is speaking? 

Rakesh : Yes. I am Rakesh Sood. My wife has been having a severe headache since yesterday. Since this morning she has also developed a high temperature. I would be very grateful if the doctor could come over to our place to examine her. 

Mrs Sarkar : Of course. Please let me note down your address. 

Rakesh : It is B-49, New Colony. 

Mrs Sarkar : I will give him your message as soon as he returns. 

Rakesh : Thank you. 
Mrs Sarkar had to leave for the school where she teaches. So she wrote a message for her husband. Draft the message in not more than 50 words. 

   23 Nov 2020 , 8:05 A.M.
Dear Hubby, 
Mr. Rakesh Sood called up to say his wife has a severe headache and high fever the previous day. He requested you to visit his place to examine his wife. He would be grateful  if you do so. He lives at B-49, New Colony. Leaving this message since I have to go to school to teach. 
Mrs. Sarkar                                                                                                                                                             
Virtual Message in English

(ii) Using information from the dialogue given below, write the message which Amrita left for her brother, Sourajit. (Do not leave out any vital information or add any new information).
Shekhar : Is this 28473892? 

Amrita : Yes. May I know who is speaking?

Shekhar : I am Shekhar. I want to speak to Sourajit. I am his friend from IHM, Goa. 

Amrita : I am his sister. Sourajit is not at home at the moment. Can you ring up a little later? 

Shekhar : I shall be a little busy. Actually, I have got a placement at the Hotel Mumbai, and will have to join with immediate effect. So right now I am trying to get all the formalities completed. This is the news that I wanted to give Sourajit. Will you do that for me? Also tell him that I will let him know my new cell phone number as soon as I get one. 

Amrita : I’ll do that. Bye and all the best. 
Amrita had to leave for office. So she wrote a note for Sourajit. Draft her message in not more than 50 words

  23 Nov 2020 , 8:05 A.M.                                                                                                                                                       
 Mr. Shekhar , your friend from IHM Goa called up when you were not home. He called up to give news about his placement at Hotel Mumbai. He stated that he would be busy in completing formalities of joining. He would let you know his new cell phone number very soon. 
Virtual Message Examples

(iii) You are Priyanka, a personal assistant to Ms Sen. She was away attending a meeting when Mr Garg rang up. You spoke to him and jotted down his message in your note- pad. Draft the message for Ms Sen using the information in your notes given below.
Mr Garg – rang up – 5pm – has received the CDs and the posters – coming tomorrow – to thank Ms Sen and to personally hand over the cheque. 

  31 December 2020, 05:10PM

Ms. Sen

Mr.Garg called up at 5 PM stating that he had received the CDs and the posters. He will be coming tomorrow to thank you and hand over the cheque personally.
Virtual Message Examples

(iv) Read the following conversation between Aashna and Mr Singh.
Aashna : Hello, may I speak to Ranajit, please? 

Mr Singh : Ranajit is getting ready for school. May I know who is speaking? 

Aashna : My name is Aashna. I am Ranajit’s classmate. 

Mr Singh : Hello, Aashna. I am Ranajit’s father. Is there any message? 

Aashna : Yes. Please ask him to bring his biology notebook to school today. I was absent from school due to illness. I would like to see the notes which our biology teacher gave to the class during my absence. 

Mr Singh : I will definitely do that. 
Since Mr Singh had to go for his morning walk he left a message for Ranajit. Draft that message in 50 words.

23-12-2022, 9:10 A.M.                                                                                                                                         
Dear Ranajit,
There was a call from your classmate Aashna . Since you were getting ready, I picked up the call. She asked you to bring your biology notebook to school today. She was absent from school due to illness. She would like to see the notes which your biology teacher had given to the class during her absence.

Virtual Message Examples

(v) Rajat comes home from school and finds the door locked. Since he has a duplicate key he enters and finds a note from his mother kept on the table. In it she explains that she had to rush to the hospital with Mrs Manohar, their neighbour, who had met with an accident. She has also written that he should have the rice and curry kept on the dining table for lunch. He could heat the food in the microwave oven if he wanted to, but he should be very careful while handling the switch. Draft the message which Rajat’s mother left for him.

Date: 21 Feb 2023 Time 5 P.M. Dear Rajat,

I hope this note finds you well. I had to rush to the hospital with Mrs. Manohar, who had an accident earlier today. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on her condition as soon as I get the chance. For now, I’ve left your lunch on the dining table – rice and curry. You can heat it up in the microwave oven if you’d like, but please be very careful when handling the switch.

Take care of yourself, and don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything. I’ll try to be back as soon as possible.



Drafting virtual message Maharashtra Board

(vi) Using the information given below, write a message which Manu left for his sister, Renu. (Do not add any new information. The message should not exceed 50 words).
Ruhaan rang up-book-reading session-‘Children Ask Kalam’-Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam-Compilation of letters received by him from children and his answers- Oxford Book Store-8 pm, this evening,-pick you up-6:30 pm-attend reading session together. 

Hey Renu, Ruhaan called. Book reading session of ‘Children Ask Kalam’ by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is happening at Oxford Book Store, 8 pm tonight. He’ll pick you up at 6:30 pm. Let’s attend it together.”


Book Review on Dollar Bahu

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