Worksheet on Tenses

Tenses Worksheet Exercises.

Exercise 1: Choose the correct tense for the following sentences.

I ___________ (am going/went) to the store yesterday.
She ___________ (is eating/ate) breakfast right now.
They ___________ (will come/are coming) to the party tonight.
He ___________ (has worked/worked) at that company for ten years.
We ___________ (had been waiting/waited) for an hour before the movie started.

is eating
are coming
has worked
had been waiting

Exercise 2: Rewrite the following sentences using the tenses indicated in the bracket.

I am not feeling well . (Simple past)
She plays tennis . ( Simple Future)
They were watching TV . (present perfect continuous)
He has been studying Spanish for two years. (present perfect)
We had already eaten dinner when they arrived. (present perfect)

I did not feel well .
She will play tennis .
They have been watching TV .
He has studied Spanish for two years.
We have already eaten dinner when they arrived.

Exercise 3: Fill in the blank with the correct tense.

She ___________ (will be/was) happy to see you tomorrow.
They ___________ (have been/had been) working on the project for three weeks.
I ___________ (am/being) careful not to spill the coffee.
He ___________ (is/was) singing in the shower this morning.
We ___________ (had/have) a great time at the beach last summer.

will be
have been

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