Three Uses of Relative Pronouns

Examples of Relative Pronouns:

Study the relative pronouns used in the following sentences.

1. The dog that barks loudly at night belongs to my neighbor.

2. She is the teacher who inspired me to pursue my dreams.

3. The cake which she baked for the party was delicious.

4. He is the artist whose paintings adorn the gallery walls.

5. The car that I want to buy is out of my budget.

Exercise:Fill in the blanks with the appropriate relative pronoun: who, whom, whose, which, or that.

1. The house _______ we visited last week had a stunning view of the mountains.

2. Is she the student _______ won the science competition?

3. The movie, _______ was released last month, received critical acclaim.

4. The man _______ I met at the conference offered me a job opportunity.

5. The book _______ cover is torn belongs to my sister.

6. He is the doctor _______ treated my grandmother with care and compassion.

7. The restaurant, _______ serves Italian cuisine, is always crowded on weekends.

8. The cat _______ chased the mouse is now sleeping peacefully.

9. The team _______ won the championship celebrated their victory with a parade.

10. She is the author _______ novels have been translated into multiple languages.

Answers:1. that2. who3. which4. whom5. whose6. who7. which8. that9. that10. whose

Join the following sentences using relative pronouns:

1. The scientist made a groundbreaking discovery. – The discovery will revolutionize the field of medicine. Ans: The scientist *who* made a groundbreaking discovery will revolutionize the field of medicine.

2. The book is lying on the table. You were searching for the book.

Ans: The book *that* you were searching for is lying on the table.

3. The movie received rave reviews from critics. – My friends and I watched the movie last night.

Ans: The movie *that* my friends and I watched last night received rave reviews from critics.

4. The car has a flat tire. – You borrowed the car from your neighbor.

Ans : The car *which* you borrowed from your neighbor has a flat tire.

5. The athlete won the gold medal. – I interviewed the athlete for the magazine.

Ans: The athlete *whom* I interviewed for the magazine won the gold medal.

6. The house was built in the 19th century. – My grandparents used to live in the house.

Ans: The house *where* my grandparents used to live was built in the 19th century.

7. The laptop was on sale. – I purchased the laptop last week. –

Ans: The laptop *that* I purchased last week was on sale.

8. The dog is very friendly. – My neighbors own the dog.

Ans: The dog *that* my neighbors own is very friendly.

9. The restaurant serves delicious food. – We often dine at the restaurant.

Ans: The restaurant *where* we often dine serves delicious food.

10. The actor received an Oscar nomination. – I admire the actor’s work.

Ans : The actor *whose* work I admire received an Oscar nomination.

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