Effective Appeal Writing in 9 Steps

Appeal Writing

Maharashtra Board of Education has included appeal writing in the syllabus of std 12. Students should prepare the appeal writing not only for the exam but as a part of future career option. Working in different position one has to prepare appeal for the institution or organization. The skill learn in school/ college life can be useful in further life. One should acquire skills beyond the examination point of view.

9 Steps for appeal writing

  • Title : Cyclone Relief And You (CRY)
  • Heralding : Dear Friends Listen To Call ; Come one Come All
  • Statement of the Problem : Cyclone claims 1000 lives in Orissa
  • Consequences : No food ……. No Clothe… No shelter
  • Remedial Solution : We need YOU _____ Remember, little help can work wonders
  • Appeal : Do all the good you can, …… Join us for the noble cause.
  • Contact Address : Students Relief Fund , Lokmanya Vidyalaya , Warora
  • Logo Mark : CRY
  • Signature Line : Service to Mankind is Service God

Required Skills for Appeal Writing

  • Use of imperative sentences to appeal
  • Good and effective adjectives to describe
  • Use of Metaphor
  • Poetic Creativity

Make an appeal

Prepare an appeal to help the affected ones by natural calamities.

Appeal Writing

An Appeal for Going Zero Waste

Effective Appeal Writing in 9 Steps

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