Simplified Appreciation on Twins

Here is an appreciation of the poem Twins by Henry Sambrooke Leigh. Std 10 students should prepare for it. . Tweens “Twins” by Henry Sambrooke Leigh is a delightful and heartwarming poem that celebrates the bond between twins. The poem describes two twins, one named Jane and the other John, who are inseparable and share… Continue reading Simplified Appreciation on Twins

Do as directed Class 10 – With Solution

Set your Target before preparation. Grammar Digest useful for std 10 and std 9. Do as directed. 1. Choose the correct options for the following:  (i) He could not rise. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘unable to’) (a) He could unable to rise.(b) He is unable to rise.(c) He unable to rise.(d) He was unable to rise.… Continue reading Do as directed Class 10 – With Solution