Class 11 English Unit Test 1

Class 11 English Unit Test 1
Class 11 English Unit Test 1

Gadchandur Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s

Mahatma Gandhi Junior College Gadchandur

First Unit Test 2022-2023

Subject: English                                                                                                         Class XI

Class 11 English Unit Test 1

Q. 1. Read the extract and complete the activities.

I placed on the summit the offering to God that I had carried with me. This is in accord with my religion. Both my wife and are Buddhists. I could not knee because of my clothes and equipment. But I offered a silent prayer in my heart.

The offering were biscuits, candy and little blue pencil. My youngest daughter, Nima had given me the pencil before I left home. She asked me put it on top of the mountain as her offering. It was an ordinary blue pencil, not even long one, but it was her prized possessions.

As I put it down, I pointed it out to Hillary. He gave me big smile, showing that he understood.

Then got out the flags which had on piece of string about four feet long, fastened one end to my ice axe and Hillary took pictures as I held it up. As I had to bring my ice axe down with me, l buried one end of the string in the ice on the top, and the other in snow on the slope down below. When we left, they were lying flat against the summit.

I was very thirsty. I took out a water tumbler for a drink, but found the water in the metal container had frozen so I couldn’t quench my thirst. I ate some biscuits and offered some to Hillary.  

A1. Flow chart

Complete the following flow chart.

Class 11 English Unit Test 1

A2. Reason

Give the reason Tenzing Norgay offered a silent prayer.

A3. Point out

Point out the reaction of Hillary when Tenzing put a pencil on the summit as an offering. (2)

A4. Vocabulary

Write the antonyms of the following

a) ordinary  b) frozen c)fastened d) prized

A5. Personal response

Express your views about mountaineer.

A6. Language study (Do as directed)

A.1) It was an ordinary blue pencil.

(Make it negative without changing the meaning.)

ii) Nima had given me the pencil

(Identify the tense)

B. Spot the error

1. I am smelling a rose.  

Q.2. Read the Extract and complete the activities given below. (8)

Eight years have passed

Since I placed my cherry seed in the grass.

“Must have a tree of my own “, I said,

And watered it once and went to bed

And forgot but cherries have a way of growing,

Thought on one’s caring very much or knowing.

And suddenly that summer near the end of May,

It was very small, five months child,

Lost in the tall grass running wild.

Goat ate the leaves, the grass cutter Scythe

Split it apart and a monsoon blight

Shriveled the slender stem….. Even so,

Next spring I watched three new shoots grow,

A1. Complete the diagram

Class 11 English Unit Test 1

A2. Poetic devices.

Pick out the examples of alliteration and explain..

A3. Personal response.

Write your experience about tree conservation.

A4. Poetic creativity.

Here there every where


It’s gives sweet and juicy


Q3. Writing skills.   Write any one of the following   (4)


(2) Write an email informing your sister about annual college exhibition.

Class 11 English Unit Test 1

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