Types of Nouns

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<title>Types of Nouns</title>
<h1>Types of Nouns</h1>
<th>Type of Noun</th>
<td>Common Noun</td>
<td>Refers to a general, non-specific thing or person</td>
<td>cat, city, book</td>
<td>Proper Noun</td>
<td>Refers to a specific person, place, or thing and is capitalized</td>
<td>New York City, Jane Smith, The Great Gatsby</td>
<td>Concrete Noun</td>
<td>Refers to a physical object that can be seen, touched, or perceived through the senses</td>
<td>tree, chair, apple</td>
<td>Abstract Noun</td>
<td>Refers to a concept, idea, or feeling that cannot be perceived through the senses</td>
<td>love, freedom, courage</td>
<td>Collective Noun</td>
<td>Refers to a group of people, animals, or things</td>
<td>herd, team, family</td>
<td>Countable Noun</td>
<td>Refers to something that can be counted and has a singular and plural form</td>
<td>car, book, pencil</td>
<td>Uncountable Noun</td>
<td>Refers to something that cannot be counted and does not have a plural form</td>
<td>water, air, love</td>

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