Report on Environment Day Celebration

Report on Environment Day Celebration

Your School/College celebrated ‘Environment Day’. Write a report of this celebration using the following points. a) Day and date of the celebration b) Arrangement c) Environment pledge d) Activities conducted

Report on Environment Day Celebration at Mahatma Gandhi Jr College, Gadchandur

Mahatma Gandhi Jr College, Gadchandur, celebrated Environment Day on June 5, 2022. The college administration had made elaborate arrangements to mark the day with enthusiasm and fervor.

The college grounds were adorned with banners and posters carrying messages and slogans about environmental conservation. A stage was set up where the event took place, and the college band played a few tunes to kick-start the celebration. The event began with the principal’s address, where he stressed the need to conserve the environment for a sustainable future.

The highlight of the celebration was the Environment Pledge, where all the students and faculty members pledged to make conscious efforts to protect the environment. The pledge included the commitment to conserve water, reduce pollution, plant more trees, and spread awareness about environmental conservation.

Various activities were conducted throughout the day to create awareness about environmental issues. Students participated in a tree-planting drive, where they planted saplings around the college campus. A poster-making competition was also held, where students showcased their artistic skills to create posters on environmental themes such as air pollution, waste management, and biodiversity.

In addition, a seminar was organized, where experts in the field of environmental conservation delivered talks on various topics, including sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and biodiversity conservation. The seminar was attended by the students, faculty members, and members of the local community.

The celebration of Environment Day at Mahatma Gandhi Jr College, Gadchandur, was a grand success, with active participation from students and faculty members. The event served as a reminder of our responsibility towards the environment and the need to work together for a sustainable future.

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