Exclamatory And Assertive Sentences – Impressive Examples

Exclamatory And Assertive Sentences
Exclamatory And Assertive Sentences

Structure Exclamatory And Assertive Sentences

1. What + a/an +adj + noun + sub + verb !

2. How + adj + sub + verb !

1. Assertive चे Exclamatory करतांना वाक्यात a, an ही उपपदे (Articles) असल्यास what ने वाक्य सुरू करावे नसल्यास How ने सुरूवात करावी.

2. वाक्यात असणारे very किंवा indeed असे शब्द काढून टाकावे. नसल्यास वापरू नये.

3. या शाब्दानंतरचे शब्दसमुह लिहून घ्यावेत.

4. त्यानंतर वाक्याच्य सुरूवातीस असणारा कर्ता, क्रीयापद वापरुन शेवटी उद्गारवाचक चिन्ह द्यावे.

Change the following Assertive sentences into Exclamatory:

  1. It is a very nice bird.
  2. Excl: What a nice bird it is!
  3. This was the most exciting match.
  4. Excl: What an exciting match this was!
  5. They were the most wonderful examples.
  6. Excl: How wonderful examples they were!
  7. The rose is a very beautiful flower.
  8. Excl: What a beautiful flower the rose is!
  9. The rose is very beautiful.
  10. Excl: How beautiful the rose is!
  11. He plays very nicely.
  12. Excl: How nicely he plays!
  13. The day is very hot.
  14. Excl: How hot the day is!
  15. The sun shines very hotly.
  16. Excl: How hotly the sun shines.
  17. It was a very lovely day.
  18. Excl: What a lovely day it was!
  19. We loved him very warmly.
  20. Excl: How warmly we loved him!
  21. It was a very cold day.
  22. Excl: What a cold day it was!
  23. The cuckoo sings very sweetly.
  24. Excl: How sweetly the cuckoo sings!
  25. The crow is a very black bird.
  26. Excl: What a black bird the crow is!
  27. India is a very peaceful country.
  28. Excl: What a peaceful country India is!
  29. China grows so fast.
  30. Excl: How fast China grows!
  31. He works very diligently.
  32. Excl: How diligently he works!
  33. It is a horrible night.
  34. Excl: What a horrible night it is!

Exclamatory And Assertive Sentences

Make Assertive Sentences

सुत्र : Sub + Verb + (a) very + ईतर शब्द ( adj , noun )

1. Exclamatory वाक्यातील शेवटी असणारे कर्ता व क्रीयापद सुरूवातीस वापरावे

2.त्यात a an असल्यास a very असे वापरावे नसल्यास फक्त very वापरावे.

3. What , How हे शब्द वगळावे 4. उर्वरीत इतर शब्द लिहून (.) fullstop द्यावा.

Change the following Exclamatory sentences into Assertive:

  1. How sweetly the girl sings!
  2. Assertive: The girl sings very sweetly.
  3. What a beautiful flower lotus is!
  4. Lotus is a very beautiful flower.
  5. What a dangerous thing politics is!
  6. Politics is a very dangerous thing.
  7. How fiercely the sun is shining!
  8. The sun is shining very fiercely.
  9. How melodiously the parrot was singing!
  10. The parrot was singing very melodiously.
  11. What a stupid fellow you are!
  12. You are indeed a stupid fellow.
  13. What an exciting match they presented!
  14. They presented a very exciting match.
  15. What a marvelous picture he produced!
  16. He produced a marvelous picture.
  17. How wisely he planned!
  18. He planned very wisely.
  19. How lovely her face is!
  20. Her face is lovely.
  21. What a certain matter it is!
  22. It is indeed a certain matter.
  23. How confusing the project was!
  24. The project was very confusing.
  25. What a terrible relationship he developed!
  26. He developed a terrible relationship.
  27. What an excellent photograph he got!
  28. He got an excellent photograph. 
  29. How lovely the park is!
  30. The park is really lovely.
  31. What a marvelous age we live in!
  32. This is a marvelous age in which we live.
  33. What a wonderful book by R.K.Narayan
  34. Malgudy days is a wonderful book by R.K.Narayan.
  35. What a wonderful book Malgudi Days of R K Narayan is!

Some more Exclamatory And Assertive Sentences

  1. I earnestly desire to do something for my country.
  2. Ans How earnestly I desire to do something for my country!
  3. A silkworm is a hardworking creature.
  4. What a hardworking creature a silkworm is !
  • It is a horrible night.
  • What a horrible night it is !
  • It was extremely base of him to desert your time of need.
  • How base of him it was to desert you in time of need!
  • It is hard to believe that he did such a deed.
  • How hard it is to believe that he did such a did!
  • I wish I had met you ten years ago.
  • O! I had met you ten years ago!
  • It is very stupid of me to forget your name.
  • How stupid of me it is to forget your name!
  • He leads a most unhappy life.
  • What an unhappy life he leads!
  • The moonlight very sweetly sleeps upon this bank.
  • Ans: How sweetly the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!
    This exercise with examples about Exclamatory And Assertive Sentences will make one ready for the use of English. After studying this you will be competant enough to proudly say yes, English for me and be fearless of English.

    Do as directed

    Exclamatory and Assertive Sentences


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